Delivering major highway schemes to help keep the public moving

Highways projects can often be long, complex and costly schemes which many local authorities can struggle to manage all the different aspects effectively.

Through our extensive network of qualified and experienced in-house engineers and construction professionals, we can design, construct and supervise highways projects of all sizes and complexities across the UK.

Our highly skilled highways team currently provides a full suite of services to local authorities, ranging from major projects such as junction improvements, new roads and bridges; to smaller developments such as traffic calming, road safety schemes and pedestrian and cycle schemes.

We can provide street lighting redevelopments to local highway authority department, saving councils’ money and energy while helping improve community safety. Or deliver street lighting improvement programmes for university campuses, hospitals, parks and schools.


of road in North Tyneside is looked after by us, as well as 1,700km of footpaths, 33,000 gullies and over 100 bridges


jobs created provided in Salford with our construction employment and training opportunities

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A flexible approach

Our pick and mix style of service delivery means that councils can ensure their needs are met throughout the duration of the project and schemes can be completed effectively to ensure residents do not face lengthy and unnecessary delays.


Our flexible approach to service delivery means we can tailor our support around your needs.


An extensive pick and mix variety of services allows your local authority to take control of how involved in the project we are.


From small scale, back office changes, to full on project management, how we deliver the service is down to you.

Key service areas

Highway asset management

These services include the development and delivery of highway and transport asset management plans and policies which sit within the wider highway asset management framework. We also provide a variety of highway asset management strategies including: data management; performance management; investment and communications strategies and customer engagement.

We can also be your delivery mechanism to help your local authority unlock some of the £578 million funding set aside by the secretary of state, which can be invested to further improve your highway network.

Highway construction

We're experienced in delivering transport infrastructure, drainage, bridges and structures, coastal and marine infrastructure as well as public realm projects.

Our teams can help with the construction of small scale operations, right through to major and complex network designs – with as little disruption to the travelling public as possible.

Highway maintenance

Our experienced team carries out all aspects of highway maintenance, from major structural works, to day-to-day repairs and the refurbishing of worn out roads – ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

The services we provide include: street lighting maintenance, installation and reactive repairs; drainage improvement and maintenance works; gully cleaning and septic waste removal and disposal; highway maintenance and repair; emergency call out and response to network related incidents; delivery of capital highways and drainage investment programmes.

Highways infrastructure and design

Our services include highways and infrastructure design; bridge design, maintenance and inspections; drainage design; transport planning; traffic modelling; ecology surveys; geotechnical engineering services and topographical surveying.

We also offer flood and water management; landscape design; street lighting design; structural design and surveys; contract management and construction supervision as well as green infrastructure solutions.

Traffic and transportation design

Our traffic and transportation design services include traffic appraisals, feasibility studies and development studies; highway improvement design; travel planning and transport coordination.

We also offer road safety and education, training and publicity, as well the improvement and delivery of bus corridors, bus and cycle routes and public transport interchanges.

“The successful delivery of a major highways project has had an instant positive impact on the Authority’s highway network. The scheme has been challenging and complex but was delivered with minimal disruption to the travelling public. The benefits to all highway users can clearly be seen.”

Mark Newlands, Highway and Infrastructure Managerat North Tyneside Council

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