Delivering administrative support for benefits management

With financial pressures and national welfare a priority, we’re the country’s leading provider of housing benefits support services, supporting over 100 local authorities across the UK and paying over £1bn in housing benefits every year.
From speeding up claims, to minimising fraud, error and overpayments, we offer quality people and technology-enabled solutions that improve services for customers. We handle all administration functions from the initial point of contact and claim assessment, through to overpayment recovery and appeals.
And we can also train your employees, via our learning and development programmes, to be better equipped to provide digital services to the community.

Key statistics


➥ Capita people working with over 100 councils

12 days

➥ average processing time last year (10 days less than national average)

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Supporting a London borough council with flexible benefit claims processing

With the fluctuation in benefit caseloads affecting local authorities like never before, we’ve been working with a London-based council as a service partner, providing a flexible benefits resilience solution that can be easily adjusted on a month by month basis depending on peaks and troughs in caseloads.

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Our solutions

Grants disbursement

Disbursing business rate grants

Getting the right public funding to those in need is important at any time, but critical when supporting the nation through the current health crisis.

We’re here to help councils quickly disburse millions of pounds in government grants to businesses that need extra support during these difficult times.

Our large and experienced team are immediately available and on demand, to help local authorities meet the challenge of disbursing grants quickly and accurately.


Hear from our customers


To see continued improvements year on year since we have worked with Capita is really pleasing. These are the best ever processing rates for benefits which gives us the confidence we are serving those most vulnerable in our borough in the most efficient way, to best avoid any associated homelessness issues that can arise through delay of benefit payments.


Mark Underwood

Head of Exchequer Services at London Borough of Bexley



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