Significantly increasing the council tax revenue available to local authorities

Local authority budgets continue to be challenged and the demand for housing is at an all time high.

Every year, an estimated £90 million worth of Single Person Discount (SPD) is fraudulently claimed across the UK, reducing revenues available to invest in local services.

Our single person discount review guarantees to bring in revenue to bridge your budget gaps, cut down on fraudulent claims for discount and reduce waiting times for social housing.

Our approach

Our innovative service helps local authorities reduce fraud, maximise revenue and provide better value to tax payers.

We provide local authorities with a fully-managed service that quickly identifies residents who are no longer eligible to claim single person discounts on their council tax, meaning no extra work for your in-house teams.

We’ve carried out numerous single person discounts (SPD) reviews for all types of councils and typically reduce SPD caseloads, where fraudulent claims are being made, by 6%. This significantly increases the council tax revenue available to local authorities.

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