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Many towns and cities are rapidly regenerating – building new homes, office premises and attracting more businesses to the area. Yet, increasing council tax collection, while identifying and validating new rateable values, can be costly and time consuming.

We've been providing council tax and business rates services and solutions for over 30 years. We can help to unlock value, reduce pressure on shrinking budgets and maximise revenue collection, so more money can be invested back into local services.

Every year we collect over £5.4bn worth of revenue on behalf of local authorities. We provide a fully managed council tax and business rates service, on a long-term or short-term basis.

We also offer standalone projects to help review discounts, exemptions and identify new and increased rateable values that can generate additional revenues for your local authority.

Our digital platforms provide customers with a more accessible service that is specifically designed for today’s modern community.

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➥ businesses we're collecting rates from every year, accross the UK



➥ households we collect council tax from every year for our local authority clients

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Giving people the chance to make online payments, set up their housing benefit claims and direct debit orders from the website, and to inform us of any changes in their circumstances has helped our tax collection rate rise significantly. We are looking forward to continuing to improve outcomes and help residents by working with Capita over the coming years.


Cllr Teresa O’Neill

Council leader at London Borough of Bexley

How we help

We can manage the full billing, collection and recovery cycle for both council tax and business rates to target both in-year and historic debt. We undertake data matching and analysis to validate discounts and exemptions to increase council revenue, along with all customer contact activity associated with these standalone reviews.

We also identify and manage the addition of new and increased rateable values to your rating list that can further increase income collection.


Flexible delivery models

We are flexible in the way we work with you. We’re able to work with your local IT system or implement our own market-leading solutions.

We can help with one-off projects, bring in extra capacity to support your in-house teams, or provide a fully-managed service which can be delivered locally or from our network of specialist shared service centres across the UK.




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