With so much constant change in the insurance and pensions industry, from evolving regulatory and accounting standards to global events which impact businesses and customers, it can be hard to keep up with developments whilst protecting your company’s interests.

Using the past to predict the future with actuarial modelling

How can data modelling inform decision making? Our team recently demonstrated how actuarial data modelling could be used to help insurance companies to predict customer demand and plan their resourcing more effectively.

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It’s time to use your actuaries as a force for good

With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the actuarial world how can those in the actuary profession reinvent their roles and how can their skills be used across multiple other disciplines? Head of Actuarial Services, Chris Cowen takes a deeper look

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Featured case study

Rescuing a costly migration for a health client through expert actuarial services.

When a health client started the migration of their complex payments systems, they began to see discrepancies of £6m a month. Our actuarial team used expert data analysis and calculations to identify and rectify this urgent problem, saving the client millions of pounds.


Our expertise

Our large, dedicated FCA-regulated team of over 90 actuarial specialists is already working collaboratively with major insurance and pensions providers - across the UK, helping them to react quickly to fluctuations in demand.

Whether you need additional short-, medium- or long-term actuarial resources, or require an ongoing outsourced service, you can rely on our extensive industry and actuarial expertise across a range of clients, systems, activities and products, to ensure you have the support you need, when you need it.



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