NHS estate management teams face particularly intense challenges. They must not only respond to ever-changing service priorities, clinical demands, and new working practices, but also navigate the pressure of limited public funding while maintaining operational resilience at all times.

Our fresh approach to healthcare estate management embraces innovative technologies to reduce running costs whilst improving patient and staff experience. We help organisations unlock these benefits by utilising data across the whole environment - not just the physical structures but also the people and assets within them, and extending into the community and patient homes as care settings.

We use Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings technology to capture information, applying analytics and artificial intelligence to enable a real-time situational view of a ‘digital twin’, which can then be leveraged to improve operational performance. 

Our work to deliver smart buildings is addressing some of our customers’ biggest challenges – controlling and optimising safety, improving energy efficiency, creating data-led pathways to net zero, improving the health, safety and wellbeing of people in NHS buildings, and helping to meet the new demands and opportunities of the hybrid workplace. The IoT adoption rate may currently be low – less than 10% of public sector buildings are using smart building technology – but the scope to provide greener, healthier and more energy efficient estates is vast, and now is the time to seize those opportunities.

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Key statistics

NHS estates in numbers

£10.2 billion

➥ Total cost of running the NHS estate, a 4.8% increase on 2019/20

11.4 billion KWh

➥ Total energy usage across the NHS estate, a 1.6 per cent increase on 2019/20

£9.2 billion

➥ Total cost to eradicate the NHS estates backlog, a 2.2 per cent increase son 2019/20

80% reduction

➥ The ambition for the NHS carbon footprint by 2040

Our solution

Delivering your smart healthcare environment

Our full-service solution comprises advanced infrastructure consultancy, surveying, training, servicing and management, utilising IoT technologies and the latest smart building software to seamlessly connect physical and digital environments and converting information into actionable insights. 

We work with you to explore the potential of IoT, taking your smart environment project from conception and development, through design and implementation, data analytics and then into infrastructure redesign, planning and delivery to deliver practical, reliable and effective end-to-end solutions:

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Digitising the environment and buildings

Using drawings, geozones, and context groups, we create building digital twins to measure, monitor, and automate performance.

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Connecting places, spaces and things

We create a smart environment by connecting a network, adding sensors, monitors, actuators and meters to the digital twin region, space or floor plan.

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Creating meaningful insight

We apply rich analytics to the data which can be aligned into operational performance e.g. patient flow, spend analysis, risk prevention and longer term planning.

Delivering results

How smart environments help the NHS

We help you make use of the rich data available in healthcare environments to understand how space and buildings are being utilised, how your buildings impact the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors, and to understand your energy use - including how to be more energy-efficient. Our focus is on setting up flexible systems and procedures which can adapt to changing requirements.

Enhanced safety

We understand the enormous responsibility you bear for both your employees and patients. As part of our smart environments solution, we put in place measures to improve security and safety.

Increased sustainability

We help you align operational improvements to the physical monitoring of environments, infrastructure and assets to improve air quality, reduce water consumption and enhance energy efficiency to achieve Net Zero targets.

Enhanced patient and staff experience

Understand how your environments impact the health and wellbeing of those using them so you can improve people and patient flow, enhance comfort and community satisfaction, and create a better, healthier work environment to help improve recruitment and retention.

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Improved health monitoring and administration of care

We assist with improving condition-based monitoring and maintenance, including sensitive temperature monitoring. Our solution also supports medical records management, and enhances asset and equipment tracking.

Significant cost savings

We help you understand how space and buildings are being utilised – particularly in the light of post Covid-19 hybrid workplaces - and recommend improvements so you can optimise your estate to reduce expenses.

Improved patient outcomes

Our solution can automatically communicate real-time health guidance and information, for example, to support people with certain respiratory conditions  with environmental monitoring. We help reduce demand on pressured services during, for example, hot weather periods. 



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