Local government solutions

Revenue collection

We provide a fully managed council tax and business rates service. Our digital platforms also provide customers with a more accessible service, specifically designed for today’s modern community.

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Benefits management and payment

Capita is the country’s leading provider of housing benefits and council tax support services. We support over 100 local authorities across the UK and pay over £1bn in housing benefits every year.

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Planning and regulatory services

We can provide local authorities with immediate planning and building control resilience support. Our service is designed for local authorities who need fast solutions and a flexible service which can be switched on and off as required.

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Digital and customer experience

Capita helps local authorities deliver end-to-end digital services that transform the customer experience and make radical operational savings across customer service and back office administrative functions.

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Customer contact and management

Capita’s customer services solutions for local authorities are designed to provide the right contact channels for your services, based on the needs of your organisation and customers.

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Finance and accounting

Through our financial services and use of software, we can help transform finance operations for local authorities. From supplier invoicing and debt recovery to digital invoice scanning, we can help you implement a cost effective, automated finance solution to make up to 30% worth of savings across your finance department.

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Health services

We’re delivering specialist technology and administrative systems to support under pressure professionals to improve patient outcomes.

We support the care of more than 320 million people worldwide, every day, with everything from healthcare software that boosts efficiency across the NHS and assists HR departments, to wireless infrastructure for the Scottish emergency services, and clinical algorithms for a telephone triage system in Australia.

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Housing services

We're transforming services to help communities – developing approaches fit for the challenges now, and ahead.

From estate renewal and new build homes, to planning development, regeneration and housing management technology, we're delivering solutions to support every need within the housing sector.

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Education services

Capita works in partnership with schools, academy trusts and local authorities to provide specialist expertise  ensuring every child and young person receives a good education, is in a safe and healthy environment and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

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