Supporting the development of teachers in their early career

Together with lead academic partner, the University of Birmingham, we’re providing a flexible and blended learning approach to the early career framework (ECF) for early career teachers and their mentors.

Providing support, mentoring and training with the early career framework

The early career framework (ECF) has been designed by experts to have a positive impact on early career teachers to provide them with additional support, mentoring and training. The content of the ECF builds on and complements initial teacher training and will focus on development in five core areas:

  • behaviour management
  • pedagogy
  • curriculum
  • assessment
  • professional behaviours.

Mentors will also be supported on this programme to develop their skills and ability to mentor, providing further continuing professional development (CPD) to teachers in the profession.

Our early career programme

We’re developing a flexible, blended learning course which takes account of the unique circumstances and challenges facing teachers in all settings. A key part of our programme delivery focuses on bringing our early career teachers and mentors together to what we hope will be a face to face event.

This conference will be a prestigious event, with keynote speakers addressing current pedagogy trends and emerging international best practice. From Preston to Penzance, we’ll work alongside a national network of impressive schools, charities and universities to develop content with proven methodology for success.

Content oversight is provided by the University of Birmingham who bring academic rigour and authority to our programme. Their School of Education is an international leader in education, with a long-standing reputation as a centre of excellence for teaching and research in a wide range of areas of educational practice and policy. 

Entitlement for all early career teachers

From September 2021, the government is funding an entitlement for all early career teachers in England to access high quality professional development at the start of their career. New teachers will now receive development support and training over 2 years. The offer for early career teachers includes:


2 years of new high quality training, funded by the Department for Education


freely available high-quality development materials based on the early career framework


additional funding for 5% time away from the classroom for teachers in their second year


a dedicated mentor and support for these mentors


funding to cover mentors’ time with the mentee in the second year of teaching

Why choose Capita?

We’re a socially responsible business supporting the education sector with deep expertise  and trusted strategic capabilities that embrace digital transformation to drive efficiency, foster innovation and improve learner experiences in the UK.

We create, transform and deliver services to educational institutions that are thoughtfully designed, technology enabled and delivered with care. 

At Capita, we have a strong track record of providing support services in the education sector and CPD services to other businesses. We work with 22,000 schools across 151 local authorities and 220 higher and further education institutions in the UK.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from an education that enables them to fulfil their full potential. By creating better educational outcomes we positively impact the life chances for all, including those who have the greatest challenges to overcome.

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