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Together with lead academic partner, the University of Birmingham, we’re providing a flexible and blended learning approach to the early career framework (ECF) for early career teachers and their mentors.

Helping the next generation of teachers to thrive with the early career framework

Our Early Career induction programme, fully funded by the Department for For Work and education (DfE), will ensure your Early Career Teachers receive the support they need during their first two years of transition and development. It’s a steep learning curve for any Early Career Teacher so let’s give them the support they need.

Programme benefits

  • It’s fully funded by the Department for Education.
  • Your new teachers will feel more confident and in control at the start of their new career.
  • It will help your Early Career Teachers focus on learning the things that make the most difference in the classroom and their professional practice –making the most of everyone’s time.
  • Mentors will get training and funded time out of the classroom in the second year of induction to share their skills and experience with early career teachers, while growing their own careers.
  • You will receive funding to support the extra time off that your new teachers need in their second year of induction.
  • It will supplement your school’s existing programme of staff support and development.


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Our programme Alongside our lead academic partner, the University of Birmingham, we have created a unique programme for Early Career Teachers that provides seamless transition and development from their Initial Teacher Training. We’ll provide development opportunities that ensure your teachers walk back into the classroom with practical skills, experiences, and insight to enhance teaching and learning and to make a positive impact on children and young people.

Your Early Career Techers will focus on five core areas of professional development:

  1. Behaviour management
  2. Pedagogy 
  3. Curriculum
  4. Assessment
  5. Professional behaviours


Our programme has been carefully designed with teacher workload in mind and includes:

  • A conference
  • Self-directed learning
  • Online learning
  • Face-to-face training
  • Peer networking


With our ongoing consideration of teacher workload, Early Career Teachers will not be required to undertake additional reading or research. We are mindful at all times of the workload that teachers face and do not seek to add to that unnecessarily.

Our induction programme has been designed by world-leading teacher education specialists at universities across England (including Russell Group) and has been endorsed by school leaders and organisations who have expertise in SEND and inclusion.

Request our school information pack to learn more about our programme, how it’s structured and the hours involved.

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Why choose Capita?

  • Academic excellence: Our course has been designed by world-leading teacher education specialists at universities across England (including Russell Group). It has been endorsed by school leaders and organisations who have expertise in SEND and inclusion

  • Tailored to your setting: Context-specific case studies have been built-in to our programme to reflect the unique environments that participants are teaching in

  • Our programme has flexibility ‘built-in’: We know teachers are busy, so our participants will be able to access recordings of training events on a dedicated learning platform, so they can watch sessions on-demand and revisit material at their convenience

  • Best use of technology to keep participants on track: Our learning platform will host guidance and all self-study materials, interactive learning activities, event recordings and bookings and a calendar of events, helping our participants to keep organised and on track for the duration of the programme.

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