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Healthcare systems globally are facing the challenges of an ageing population, additional costs of advances in clinical care, and a shortage of resources. Added to this, the UK's NHS is finding it needs to adapt or replace old and inefficient technology and buildings.

To meet these challenges, health services need to develop much more integrated approaches to care, increase the focus on prevention and early intervention, and make much greater use of digital solutions.

Capita supports the care of more than 320 million people worldwide, every day, with our wide range of healthcare solutions.

We’re delivering everything from healthcare software that boosts efficiency across the NHS and assists HR departments, to clinical algorithms for a telephone triage system in Australia.


years supporting the National Health Service, health care providers and the emergency services.


NHS organisations delivering a range of services from finance management to clinical triage systems.


finance systems running the financial management processes of the NHS back office.

How the public sector can protect itself from PFI contract expiry

With the bulk of PFI expiries soon to be at unprecedented levels, we look at the steps contracting authorities need to take to prepare for contract expiry.

2018 saw the government announce that it would no longer adopt the PFI models for further projects. Existing PFI contracts remain in place and the earliest ones are now starting to expire - most PFI contracts result in the assets being returned to the contracting authority once the contract ends.

In order to protect the significant investment made by the public sector over the lifespan of the PFI projects, preparation for contract expiry is vital to ensure that contracting authorities are the recipients of compliant and viable assets for continuation of use in the delivery of services.

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£57 billion of capital value in PFI contracts


PFI expiry is becoming imminent


Initiate your expiry strategy at least 5 years prior to contract expiry to minimise risk

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