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We’re proud to be one of the largest long-term strategic partners of the NHS. We care about the people that embody the NHS, its patients, their loved ones, and its staff. We don’t just focus on numbers, programmes or systems.

With a commitment to sustainability and achieving better outcomes, we’re focused on improving performance: we understand the complexities of the NHS and how it operates, and we understand that 5 minutes saved for a clinician could save an hour for a patient or their family.

From skills development for your teams, to intelligent digital solutions for improved productivity and virtual patient consultations, we’re committed to making every day a better day.

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Why Capita?

Our approach

Building meaningful partnerships

Our 20 years of successful healthcare partnerships means we specialise in long term relationships rather than just short-term gains

We integrate people, processes and technology with local systems and patient and care needs to deliver cohesive services built around caring for people and families. We build partnerships based on shared goals and an ethos of common purpose. We’re transparent and share our performance openly and in real-time.

Delivering breadth and depth at scale

We provide services on a platform basis, providing both scale and agility as part of our expertise.

Our scalability at all sizes and levels of complexity is proven – at national, regional and at local contract level. We don’t just deliver on the large national and regional contracts – we also provide a significant range of services for smaller, local healthcare organisations.

Focusing on delivery

As an end-to-end partner, we advise on, build, implement and operate productivity improvement opportunities quickly and collaboratively.

Because we live and breathe service delivery every day, we understand what actually works, identifying and implementing solutions. Our teams are typically small, agile and creative, with access to talented people and the latest technology.

Focusing on sustainability

Our commercially viable, sustainable services help healthcare organisations to quickly identify savings and develop self-funding models.

With a focus on improvement, we’ve enhanced multiple healthcare contracts and typically don’t run ‘operate as is’ services. Our scale enables significant economic gains, greater consistency, more joined up experiences, better insights and improved control. We see NHS sustainability ‘in the round’, it’s about people and outcomes as much as it is about processes, systems and finances.

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We're a supplier on a wide number of procurement frameworks to help you access our services with ease.



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