Driving better healthcare and outcomes through technology

Healthcare organisations are all too familiar with the challenges of delivering high quality care whilst balancing limited resources against increasing demand. And never more so than today.

Which is why we’re passionate about applying our innovation and expertise to supporting the health sector to respond to those challenges, helping you to achieve the best outcomes alongside sustainable delivery.

We’re introducing the latest technologies to make it easier for healthcare organisations to make the most of their resources, from the recent adoption of video-streaming for patient appointments, to teletriage software which uses our trusted clinical content to advise appropriate care pathways and intuitive self-service tools which empower patients to take control of their own health. Our workforce management tool makes easy work of managing absences and unusual shifts whilst our resource planning software helps you identify resource gaps and who can best fill them. 

An efficient back office in healthcare is crucial. From integrated finance management and seamless, secure payments, to our world-class administrative, data quality and clinical coding services, we help you keep everything running smoothly. We also save time for clinicians with our patient relationship management tool, which provides the full picture for better decisions and signposting.

We understand the importance of being able to evidence safe, high quality care. We draw on over 25 years’ experience to offer independent accreditation and improvement programmes, and also offer benchmarking to support whole organisation improvement. We’re proud to be the pioneers of the first data-driven healthcare awards in the world – Top Hospitals – which benchmarks all UK health organisations to celebrate and share best practice.


years supporting the National Health Service, health care providers and the emergency services

100 million+

The number of patient encounters our technology has supported across the world without clinical incident


The percentage of NHS organisations we’re supporting with our services

Our healthcare solutions


Patient contacts

From providing the technology and trusted clinical content, to self-serve options, patient relationship management and video consultations, our solutions help reduce the pressure on services whilst supporting the best possible outcomes. 

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Healthcare business operations

We make it easier to run your organisation with administrative, data quality and coding services, and software for integrated finance management and seamless, secure payments.

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Health finance

Include finance management in your digital transformation journey with flexible, scalable software which features automation to increase efficiency alongside advanced analytics and real-time reporting for complete control.

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