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Clinical coding software

Clinical administrative processes are as important as any other healthcare service in optimising citizen health, assuring patient safety and maintaining financial control.

We are the largest private provider of healthcare clinical coding and data quality services in the UK. Our focus is ensuring that data accuracy drives high quality health service delivery and minimises clinical risk.

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Our market-leading audit and benchmarking tools are used for performance analysis, service planning and driving successful improvement initiatives. We enable you to see what excellence looks like and find out how you compare on quality, safety and efficiency measures. We identify what to improve and model the impact of change at patient, organisation and population level.

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Clinical Decision Support

Up to date and evidence-based clinical information is the bedrock of safe healthcare services. Our clinical content is used in decision support tools to help clinicians assess a patient’s presenting symptoms and the severity of the situation. This leads to an evidence-based outcome, and an efficient and timely referral to appropriate care.

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Payment management software

Pay360’s innovative, secure payment solutions fully integrate with existing systems to make it easier to collect income  freeing clinicians to focus on patients’ needs

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NHS and health services

The NHS is facing financial challenges over the next few years and operating within an environment where quality care needs to be common place. Action is needed at all levels of the healthcare system, focused on improving value for every pound spent in the NHS. 

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CHKS accreditation provides credible and independent recognition of your commitment to quality improvement for your patients, board and external regulators. Our accreditation programmes are tailored to all aspects of healthcare provision from acute hospitals and care homes to specific services such as radiotherapy and maternity.

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Emergency services

Every day we're supporting emergency service providers to do one of the most important jobs in the world. Working with ambulance trusts, fire and rescue services and police forces, we're delivering vital support services and solutions.

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Legal services

We're delivering a range of legal and litigation services, as well as supporting law firms and legal services organisations with our software solutions.

Our clients benefit from the latest digital innovations, technologies, systems integrations, legal and justice experience and specialist customer support.

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Local government services

We're providing services and solutions that improve outcomes and save money, so councils can focus on what matters in their communities.

We manage tax and other revenue collection, benefits payments, building control support, IT networks, accounting and much more – making it easier for council teams to concentrate on delivering their core services.

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