We carried out extensive research with 3,000 consumers, segmenting that data to define 8 personas, each with their own distinct circumstances, values, beliefs and barriers towards achieving net zero.

The result is an insightful report and interactive tool which will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of your customers to learn about their needs and motivations.

Engage customers with targeted activity

You’ll understand more about your customers’ willingness to adopt energy-saving products - and to reduce their household carbon footprint - so you can identify the products and services most likely to appeal and target these more effectively.

You’ll also have valuable insight into the best approach for each group in terms of successful incentives and behavioural nudges to inform your marketing activity and customer service agents.

Try out the net zero persona tool


  1. Decide who you’d like to know more about – existing/potential customers, those who are more/less affluent, confident with technology, and so on
  2. Start answering the questions by putting yourself in their shoes and providing responses accordingly.
  3. Digest the persona summaries and the details of their attributes, attitudes and behaviours to net zero
  4. Utilise the insight to better engage and incentivise customers.

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