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Digital transformation

How can you move forward with ‘digital’ if you can’t agree what it is? Digital means different things to different people – and the lack of a common understanding is often what holds people and organisations back.

In our experience, we’ve found that one thing is very clear – by the time an organisation is talking about ‘going digital’ they are, in fact, looking for technology-enabled change. This kind of change is more deep-rooted – and social and behavioural – not just about technology or processes.

There’s no point designing impressive tech solutions if staff and customers don’t see the point of them, end up not using them to their full advantage – or, worse still, not using them at all. How you ‘do digital’ matters as much as what you do.

Successful digital programmes deliver defined and measurable outcomes:

  • cost reduction
  • increased productivity
  • income generation
  • demand management
  • improved user experience. 

Which of these is most important to an organisation can of course change over time, but the flexibility in the way we work means we can find the right balance of focus at the right time for you.

Digital change: different stages of maturity

While there’s no final destination for digital, there are stages of maturity. Our digital maturity curve, helps paint a picture of where an organisation is now, where we could help them move to, and possible future vision. We offer support and technology at each stage of the digital change process.

Stage of the curve What it means:
Digitally-ready Digitally-ready organisations have the right leadership in place and an appetite and readiness to change. They may have a digital strategy but need help bridging the gap between that and delivery of real change.
Digital pragmatism This is all about using digital tools and techniques to optimise current processes and start releasing resources.
Service redesign The organisation is ready to think about service delivery in a different way and to create sustainable change. It’s confident and ready to commit to behavioural change.
Future model Organisations have to think forward and look at what their future model will look at – what will make them sustainable and relevant in the 21st century. While few organisations know what this will look like yet, we believe that the work you do in the rest of your digital strategy will help you experiment and develop towards this future model.

The most important thing about any digital programme or strategy is putting an organisational strategy and purpose at the heart of it – making sure that you are progressing and developing a digital mindset and not simply putting in technology solutions. 

We’ve developed our digital framework to help support digital programmes and projects that span the full range of digital – from simple changes that help you ‘row the boat faster’ to more complicated and ambitious programmes which involve fundamental changes to the way in which you work.

Our digital portfolio

We’ve developed our products and services to support our customers at any stage of the digital change curve.

You may already have a digital programme that you want to accelerate, an immediate problem you want to solve or an idea that you want the right development partner for. You may not know what you need but you know you need something – and we can help.

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