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Mortgage software services

Innovative, flexible mortgage software to transform customer experience and boost performance.

In the competitive world of the mortgage industry, lenders need every advantage as they strive to be the first choice of homebuyers. You need to be able to offer the best possible customer experience, alongside streamlined, efficient servicing.

Which is where we can help. Our innovative software and services span the entire lifecycle of a loan – we’re trusted by some of the UK’s largest financial institutions to provide individual services as well as entire end-to-end mortgage solutions which support their success.

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Mortgage and loan origination




Arrears management




Technology which makes the complex simple

Our flexible, customisable digital software uses the latest technology for more efficient workflows and customer care, providing all you need to transform customer experience and enhance sales. 

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with a streamlined journey

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Boost productivity and remove risk with automation

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Enhance your success in a dynamic, constantly changing market

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Our mortgage sales, origination and administration products are tailor-made to improve every process at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The visually-appealing interface ensures a simple, engaging multi-channel customer journey, whilst alerts make it easy to track the status of applications, with quicker responses for customers, helping to strengthen customer loyalty. 

Behind the scenes, seamless workflows and integration with lender back-office systems transform the efficiency of operations to optimise productivity and minimise costs.

From application to completion, the process is fully automated, removing manual workflows and human error from sales and originations, enabling advisers to achieve more in less time, including being able to produce a mortgage offer within 20 minutes of logging in.

By partnering with us, you benefit not only from being able to choose the services you need from our end-to-end mortgage capability, but also from the most forward-thinking mortgage technology team, to support you in leading the way as the lender of tomorrow.

Because we prioritise research and development, we can act quickly to meet the evolving needs of consumers and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.


Why choose Capita Mortgage Services?

From our impressive client list and significant investment in compliance, to our robust reputation as a trusted partner, Capita Mortgage Services is uniquely placed to support your success:

Our clients

Our mortgage solutions are used in some of the UK’s largest and most innovative banking and lending organisations. But it’s not just larger concerns who benefit from our software - highly configurable and scalable, our solutions are adaptable to suit the needs of all types and size of organisation.


We invest heavily to ensure we comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and voluntary codes of practice. Our software supports compliance with mortgage regulations such as Mortgage Market Review and is compliant with:

  • ISO9001 (Quality Management System) accreditation.
  • ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) accreditation.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification.
  • ISAE3402 (type 2) Service Organisation Assurance Reporting Standards.

How close are we to the ‘Mortgage Concierge’ becoming a reality?

Thought leadership article by Keith Green, strategic product director, Capita Mortgage Software Services, which considers how advancements in technology are starting to put the consumer at the heart of the mortgage process and how organisations are using this latest technology to give them a competitive edge.

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The reassurance of a partner with your core values

When your reputation is built on your robust performance, it’s reassuring to know you can rely on the rigorous corporate governance of Capita. We have an established and proven record in providing mortgage services and automated digital lending solutions, offering the lowest risk option for your strategic long-term investment.


Our Solutions

Our solutions feature the latest customer-focused technologies such as digital consumer propositions and a broker web portal, incorporating the latest mortgage product innovations such as lending at retirement age, equity release, help-to-buy and buy-to-let.

Our market-leading loan origination solution, Omiga

Highly automated and configurable, Omiga supports the full loan acquisition process from initial enquiry to release of funds, allowing lenders to provide all product types to all customer bases - high net worth, sub prime, buy to let and lifetime mortgages – and in any volume. Lenders have access throughout to a comprehensive record of the application’s history and current status.

Keep customers involved and informed

Omiga is designed so customers can choose the distribution channel to meet their needs, and can move seamlessly from one channel to another. Online applicants can track applications using the case tracking service on the “My Mortgage” page, whilst in-branch applicants can use our enhanced web portal, permitting branch users to view and print a wide range of documents at the time of their generation (e.g. IDD, KFI and AIP).

Choose how you’d like to implement Omiga

Omiga is flexible to fit to how you’d like to manage and control each part of the mortgage application process, which can be delivered by your own team, or as a service from Capita, whether for initial client referral, point of sale, underwriting, application packaging, issuance of offer to funds release.

Supporting you with European Standard Information Sheet (ESIS) compliance

We’ve developed a document generation module to support lenders with the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) requirement to produce a compliant European Standard Information Sheet (ESIS) KFI replacement by March 2019. This module can be linked into lenders existing systems to produce fully compliant ESIS quotes and associated mortgage offer documents.

The 2015 MCD introducing this requirement was based on an established voluntary code already used by many European mortgage lenders and contained a special dispensation for full compliance to be delayed until 21 March 2019 for all UK lenders.

Our ESIS module is a stand-alone solution with an industry-standard Application Programming Interface (API) which can be easily integrated into a lenders’ existing IT estate and features:

  • a fully ESIS-compliant, scalable, cloud-based hosted solution
  • an intuitive and easy to use single user interface
  • a universal interface allowing links to appropriate in-house or 3rd party systems
  • modern supported infrastructure to optimise security and resilience
  • a channel-agnostic solution to meet customer needs
  • a modular design allowing clients to design a solution which meets their needs.

Why not also take a look at our white paper on the ESIS requirements as we explore options for an adaptable solution.

Services which maximise performance and profitability

We offer services to encompass the full mortgage life cycle, delivering results for clients across performing and non-performing assets. Our focus is on striking the right balance between service improvement and revenue risk by creating efficiencies and taking responsibility for business outcomes. Our experienced team works with high street banks, building societies and other lenders to provide:

  • Primary, special, master and back-up servicing
  • Third party mortgage servicing
  • Due diligence and portfolio services
  • Loan origination and underwriting
  • Facility agent
  • Account and arrears management
  • Securitised mortgage book management.

Why partner with Capita Mortgage Software Services?

We’re an established supplier of compliant mortgages solutions, with a proven track record of working with clients to meet desired business outcomes:

The latest technology to strengthen your success

  • A feature-rich, fully digital and integrated end-to-end modular solution with straight through-processing capability
  • Agile delivery, enabling ESIS project timelines to be met
  • Safe and securely protected client data
  • Fast implementation timeframes
  • Supported by our experts throughout design and delivery.

Flexible to support your particular business and customer requirements

  • A proven and adaptable solution
  • Highly configurable automated lending policy rules to suit lenders’ processes
  • Scalability with no limits on the size of deployment
  • Seamlessly works across all channels including intermediary, advised sales and consumer, with full channel switching and full multi-brand capability.

Helps reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • Drive automation of processes, enabling minimal or no manual intervention
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Enables operational efficiencies to be achieved and increases productivity for the business

Our hosted service further reduces the cost of systems development and in-house IT resources required.

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