Capita Customer Management has published a new whitepaper explaining how we can help you retarget customers that have dropped out during their online journey.

Industry figures show that basket abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for online retailers. Where did they go?

We’ve all been there. You browse the website, put items in your basket but don’t fulfil the transaction.

There’s a multitude of reasons why this happens. Sometimes it could be lifestyle distractions (the phone rings, the dog needs feeding), maybe your WiFi crashes, or perhaps you want to do a bit more research or price comparison before you hit pay.

Industry figures show that online retailers are losing around 76% of shoppers in this way.

Globally, this equates to over two hundred billion pounds in lost revenue. The figure is even higher in the retail, travel and leisure industry, where abandonment can be as high as 90%.

Many organisations are investing in driving more traffic to their website. But what about existing customers who are walking away at the final stage of purchase? You could be getting a far greater return on investment by reconnecting with these customers.

In our latest whitepaper, we explain how you could double your online revenue by capturing and converting dropped basket shoppers.

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