We supported a £1.2bn intelligent rail Infrastructure programme, designed to revolutionise asset management using technology and data.

We were awarded a five-year contract as part of the Service Delivery Framework (SDF) to provide human resources to one of the largest owners and operators of rail infrastructure in Great Britain. We supplied a comprehensive range of front-office resources, which was complemented by strategic collaborations for enhanced technical support.

The challenge: sourcing skilled talent

Our challenge was to source the right talent and ensure the successful completion of each project’s objectives, especially given that projects across the rail industry typically focus on automation, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The key project that we were actively involved with was their £1.2bn Intelligent Infrastructure (II) programme, designed to revolutionise asset management using technology and data. This initiative sought to enable smarter, safer operations and enhance services for passengers and freight customers through a ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance approach, pivoting from traditional scheduling. To fulfil these ambitions, the rail owner and operator needed a team of skilled professionals, as they lacked the internal resources to execute the project.

The solution: strategic recruitment and comprehensive training

To address this challenge, we developed a comprehensive recruitment strategy that included job postings and targeted outreach within relevant professional networks. Our rigorous screening and selection processes ensured that we hired only the most qualified candidates for roles such as business analysts, project managers and data analysts. Our objective was to assemble a team that could integrate effectively into the rail operator’s organisation to achieve the Intelligent Infrastructure programme’s goals. We provided comprehensive training to all staff members, empowering them to meet their project objectives confidently.

A key achievement of the Intelligent Infrastructure programme was the development of Insight, a flagship web-based system facilitating a shift towards a ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance model. Insight consolidates collected data onto a single platform, offering a comprehensive view of the railway’s condition and enabling frontline teams to precisely target maintenance efforts. This system, which replaces outdated paper-based methods and manual analysis, significantly enhances decision-making capabilities. By preventing faults, it ensures that passengers can get to their destination on time.

The results: enhanced rail efficiency and industry recognition

We successfully deployed highly skilled personnel within the rail operators’ resource-constrained organisation. This included the multi-award-winning Intelligent Infrastructure team, which has been instrumental in delivering key projects such as Insight, Citadel and Streams.

As a result of our concerted efforts, the Insight system has now been successfully implemented across most routes. It continues to provide essential insights, contributing to a smarter, safer rail network. This endeavour is enhancing capacity, reducing journey times, improving reliability, and increasing safety. Insight is anticipated to save over 1 million hours of maintenance activities annually and significantly reduce delays, contributing to around half a million fewer delay minutes annually.

Our role in providing high-quality human resources has demonstrated our capability to enrich their organisation and solidified a partnership that promises to continue delivering value and innovation. Furthermore, our efforts have been recognised within the industry, with the Intelligent Infrastructure team receiving the “Digital Transformation Project of the Year” award at the UKIT industry awards. Additionally, Citadel has been honoured for “Best use of Technology: Digital Engineering” and awarded the “Transport Infrastructure Champion” at the NCE Techfest Awards 2022.

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