The importance of customer experience as a driver of financial performance is widely acknowledged, and ensuring an easy, frictionless experience has long been an aim within the customer experience industry.

Often the difference between repeat business and no business, creating positive experiences is vital, both to the bottom line and to reputation. Customers’ decisions about brands directly impact the bottom line. Customer retention, advocacy and share of spend are crucial customer outcomes that organisations need to drive to generate revenue growth.

But how much do we really know about where we’re delighting customers and where we may be falling short?

At Capita, we’re passionate about delivering gold standard customer experiences and wanted to explore what’s driving excellent customer experience in today’s ever-evolving market. So we’re delighted to be working with Ipsos to create the CX index – a standardised benchmark to measure how well industries and organisations are meeting customer’s needs and expectations.

Here we present a cut of our findings on Ease which, along with Empathy, is one of the two key CX pillars we have identified from our research. 

The research conducted by Ipsos MORI indicated that the key drivers of ease of interaction with service providers across all markets are:

  • delivering fast, frictionless, and personalised digital experiences
  • removing unnecessary obstacles to enable the customer to achieve their objectives quickly and easily
  • dealing with complaints in a timely manner.


You can download the full white paper on Ease below, along with accessing the entire Ipsos MORI report.

Download our full white paper on Ease

Access the entire Ipsos MORI report
Find out about our customer experiences services

Written by

Aimie Chapple

Aimie Chapple

Executive Officer, Customer Management

Aimie leads the division which delivers multi-channel customer experience services across the UK and internationally, for many leading brands in sectors ranging from telecommunications and utilities, to financial services and technology innovation.

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