Our relationship with resources is shifting. Energy prices are driving up the cost of heating water, the increased media attention regarding pollution and leaks is raising awareness, and weather extremes mean that both droughts and floods are commonplace.

It’s a pivotal time, and the water industry must act now to ensure that it is effectively managing one of our most crucial resources.

We’ve been working with leading consultancy Future Collective to produce in-depth reports of the current state of play across multiple industries and identify growth opportunities over the next 24 months. The water report includes insights such as:

  • How to influence customers to be more water efficient, especially where they are not being charged according to what they use.
  • Exploring why engagement with the water industry is low and how to tackle poor customer experience (CX) and the influence with negative media.
  • How the relationship between the provider, the user and the resource must be nurtured to foster collective responsibility.


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