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We’re helping Lancaster City Council to efficiently administer their building regulation applications.

Lancaster City Council’s building control team was experiencing an unsustainable resource and expertise strain following some sudden staff shortages, affecting their ability to carry out core functions, such as plan checking, site inspections and supporting with dangerous structures and buildings.

The Council needed to onboard some immediate resource and expertise to help plug the gap, and sought our help.

We put forward two highly competent, experienced and professionally qualified principal building control surveyors to work alongside the Council’s existing team; they were able to hit the ground running and immediately understood the processes required to support with the team’s workload, to clear the backlog of applications that had built up, and ensure appropriate levels of resource were accessible going forward.

The Council was very quickly back on track and delivered on the much-needed core competences, ensuring they continued to hit green on meeting their statutory responsibilities.

Our building control surveyors also forged partnerships with external agencies, organisations and contractors to generate additional business and income for Lancaster City Council’s Building Control Service. The income from building regulation fees leapt up by 88% - as well as improving the Council’s performance in plan checking and responding to requests for inspections.

Thanks to Lancaster City Council’s confidence in our reliability and performance, we were asked to bring in additional building control surveyors to help support the team and were awarded a 12-month extension to the existing short-term contract with the Council. 

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“Capita helped us get on top of our workload and turn things around. Unfortunately, we had lost some key staff to competitor Approved Inspectors that left us short of resource and necessary experience. Capita were very quickly able to replace that resource with experienced and competent staff who integrated seamlessly with our existing staff. Together, we have been able to deal with our statutory requirements, whilst also giving us the resilience and capacity to generate additional business with new customers.”

A representative from Lancaster City Council’s Planning & Place Service, 

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