Taking a customer-centric approach to homebuying to meet current expectations

Our video features guest speakers Iona Bain and Heather Crichton of Industry Readiness at PEXA who discuss how customer expectations are increasingly changing, and how lenders can differentiate themselves by taking a customer-centric approach.
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Iona Bain

Iona Bain

Speaker & broadcaster specialising in young finances

Iona Bain is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, speaker, and author, specialising in personal finance and young people. She is the UK’s go-to voice on millennial money, and BBC Morning Live's resident financial expert. Since founding the pioneering Young Money Blog, Iona has gone on to become one of the most respected financial writers of her generation, with a rare combination of accessibility and authority.

Heather Crichton

Heather Crichton

General Manager, Industry Readiness, PEXA

Heather joined PEXA in 2015 and was instrumental in the Australian property industry’s transition to digital settlements. She oversaw PEXA’s member operations, training and customer experience teams which assisted 10,000+ legal and conveyancing firms nationwide. Prior to joining PEXA, Heather practiced law and held positions in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within Australia’s legal sector.

Mark Webster

Mark Webster

Mark Webster, Managing Director - Financial Services, Capita Experience

Mark is accountable for the mortgage Services and the Financial Services clients within Capita Experience. He has over 26 years’ experience in the financial outsourcing industry and more specifically within the mortgage and savings outsourcing markets. Having previously worked in senior positions within the financial services sector, Mark's main focus is on operational strategy, account management, sales, business development and growth.

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