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Service design

Service design is driven by the needs of the user. It delivers compelling multi-channel services that customers find both usable and desirable, while significantly reducing the operating costs, and delivering greater revenues.

Our service design team works alongside our transformation and service improvement teams to bring an additional perspective to the process. In order to achieve this, we break with tradition by taking a horizontal view across your business – taking into account the entire end-to-end customer experience. And we apply insight, behavioural science, analytics, service design, digital solutions and IT enterprise solutions to every project. We’ll tackle the frustrations and points of failure customers’ experience, reducing the need for additional contact and improving customer loyalty, all culminating in:

  • Reduced risk – by keeping the user in mind at all times we ensure that the new or improved service will be used as anticipated
  • Leveraging your existing resources – service designers are not like other designers, their role is to support your people in designing the right service
  • Delivering new ideas – our service design team use creative techniques to help make intuitive leaps and engineer completely new ideas
  • A consistent experience – most services are run according to time and cost measures. Service design balances this for the customer, by considering the usability and desirability for the customer

How are we using service design?

We partnered with the London Borough of Barnet in order to transform the way residents interact with council services.

The vision was to give residents more say in how services should be provided; to involve them in the design of those services and to enable delivery of services across a range of channels in a way that was relevant to them.

This project proved hugely successful down to the relationship we forged with Barnet council from the outset. 

Service design

We were both completely focused on developing and building insight that would drive the design of services from the perspective of residents. The contribution made by the residents has been outstanding, with their suggestions ensuring the delivery of a truly first class online portal that is playing a fundamental part in enabling people to do more for themselves.

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