Understanding where to concentrate resources for the best outcomes

From your very first interaction with every customer, you have the opportunity to demonstrate empathy and fairness. This means steering them towards the right payment outcomes, while at the same time maintaining your brand’s reputation for first-class customer service.

Yet it’s also important to focus your resources where they can generate the best returns which is why we analyse your customer data to forecast the impact of different scenarios on future debt, as well as to validate the performance of your current propensity- to- pay or default models.

Our data science and analytics capabilities make it possible to understand and predict when customer debt is likely to occur. This predictive technology enables you to send proactive messaging that is personalised to each customer’s individual circumstances. So you can support them even before they get into arrears, reducing cost-to-serve whilst increasing brand loyalty and reputation.

All this helps you to guide your overall collections strategy, prioritising workloads and segmenting customers to help you achieve the best results possible within your existing operational capabilities.

Key statistics


➥ is the average UK household debt

13 million

➥ UK households have between zero and £1,500 in savings

Treating customers fairly in collections

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Strengthening your response with virtual agents

Virtual agents use our conversational AI tool to provide customers with self-service options that answer important questions, guide them to the right information and – most importantly of all - reduce the chances of them needing to speak to an adviser.

This is not only popular with customers, it also frees up more of your agents’ time, enabling them to focus on helping the most vulnerable customers, as well as those with the most complex enquiries.

Watch our conversational AI tool in action 

How we help

Training, technology and data analytics

Expert agents

Our people are trained to treat everyone, and especially the most vulnerable customers, with compassion and respect. We can also put a team in place quickly, to help you cope with any unexpected peaks in call numbers.

Real-time support

While our agents are highly trained, they’re also fully supported by a range of advanced tools. These include real-time speech analytics that can recognise the hidden signs of distress and flag the agent accordingly, putting all the information they need on the screen in front of them.

Omni-channel journeys

Debt is a highly personal and embarrassing matter, and not everybody wants to have to talk to a stranger about it. So we can enable your customers to self-serve through a range of advanced digital solutions, which include AI, apps, email, WhatsApp, SMS and virtual agent voice.

Data and analytics

The best time to deal with debt is before it occurs. We understand the life moments that can cause debt, identify the early warning signs and enable proactive help to be offered. Our data scientists are also able to remodel assumptions to facilitate more accurate forecasting for your business, based on all kinds of customer scenarios.



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