Making it easier for businesses to prevent, manage and recover debt effectively

Consumer debt is growing, highlighting increasing challenges for collection services as customers struggle to pay their bills. The average household debt in the UK, excluding mortgages, is currently around £15,000 and getting bigger.

Debt prevention tactics, like early intervention, not only provide a better customer experience, but also support customers in vulnerable situations, reduce the overall level of debt and the cost of debt recovery.

Helping organisations to get this right can mean more positive, proactive interactions with their customers, throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enriching lives through debt prevention

Can improved data and insight help collections services truly support customers by preventing debt through earlier intervention, and improve clients’ relationships with their customers as a result?

In our whitepaper Tracey Roberts, Business Development Director at Capita Remediation Services, looks at why better interactions with clients in debt can improve the customer experience and help clients build long term trust.

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