Scaling up and down for planned and unplanned peaks in demand

Our flexible managed service solutions are designed to offer maximum adaptability to allow you to respond to planned and unplanned peaks in demand, whether that's a fully outsourced model on a Capita site, or augmenting your current capability.

With our breadth and depth of expertise, we design the right operating model for you, combining leading edge technology with skilled expertise to implement the most efficient and cost-effective service. This includes being able to rapidly increase the scale of operations through workforce optimisation and flexible home working solutions.

Our technology solutions, such as conversational AI, instantly create additional capacity when you need it most by meeting customer needs through digital channels, offering exceptional customer experience and freeing up agents to deal with the most complex customer conversations and needs. We give you the agility to grab opportunities for growth, even when you can’t plan for them.

Treating customers fairly in collections 

Download our latest report which explores the thoughts of those who are struggling to pay their debts through financial hardship and how organisations can retain loyalty, create better outcomes and alleviate mental stress through difficult times.

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Debt prevention

We believe in treating people with respect and as individuals. We deliver this through a unique combination of specially trained agents, voice-recognition software, self-serve omni-channel journeys, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, predictive data analytics and more. By focusing on the person and their particular circumstances, we help to prevent customers falling further behind with payments and, in many instances, prevent payments being missed at all.

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Personalised journeys

Treating customers as individuals is key to generating the best experiences for them - and the best results for you. Our innovative technology solutions enable customers to self-serve and agents to provide tailored, flexible and relevant support, while maintaining a human-centred and empathetic approach.

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The latest technology for better outcomes

We continually innovate to deliver smarter solutions for our clients. We help you make better use of data, analytics and technology to enhance your organisation’s performance, improve productivity, boost collection rates, and enable agents to achieve the best outcomes for you and your customers.

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