Scaling up and down for planned and unplanned peaks in demand

Whether peaks in demand are planned or unplanned, our flexible managed service solutions are designed to help you deliver the right response.

That’s because our experienced consultants design exactly the right operating model for you. We want you to enjoy maximum adaptability, and we do so by combining leading edge technology with personal expertise, to implement the most efficient and cost-effective service for your very specific needs.

We can achieve this in a number of ways, including via our advanced technology solutions – which now include conversational artificial intelligence – to ensure additional capacity in an instant, whenever you need it most.

So you can keep offering exceptional customer experiences, while freeing up your agents to deal with the most sensitive conversations and complex customer needs.

Treating customers fairly in collections

Read our FREE report to discover what debtors think about different collections approaches and begin your journey towards human-centred collections.

Key statistics

100 million+

➥ multi-channel conversations held each year

No. 1

➥ customer management provider in the UK

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