Understanding individual customer needs and vulnerabilities

There is no single solution to personal debt. That’s why we tailor every response to the individual, through agents who are trained to be empathic and technology that’s designed to enable personalised customer journeys.

At the time of writing, we’re the only organisation to take this approach to debt management. Which is just one of the reasons why we’re the partner of choice for so many of the major banks, utilities, telecoms and finance firms who care about brand reputation as well as the bottom line.

To do so effectively, we provide a choice of digital and agent-assisted channels that seamlessly interact with one another to provide an omni-channel response. We’re also able to intervene before an issue arises in many cases, helping people to avoid debt using predictive data analytics that flag the early warning signs.

This approach is designed with balance and fairness in mind: to help deliver journeys that are specific to individual customers, and payment outcomes that are right for our clients.

Treating customers fairly in collections

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is the average debt per adult in the UK which represents 112% of average earnings

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