Understanding individual customer needs and vulnerabilities

There’s no single solution to personal debt: every customer is different, and every debt scenario has to be dealt with in the right way. That’s why we tailor every response to the individual, through agents who are trained to be empathic, and technology that personalises customer journeys.

We can enable customers to self-serve if that’s their favoured route, or to deal with agents for tailored, flexible and relevant support. In either case, our innovative technology solutions make it easy for you to maintain a human-centred and empathetic approach.

Our unique approach to debt management is just one of the reasons that we’re the partner of choice for so many major banks, utilities, telecoms and finance firms who care about brand reputation as well as the bottom line.

To achieve this effectively, we provide digital and agent-assisted channels that seamlessly interact with one another for an omni-channel response. We’re also able to intervene before an issue arises, using predictive data analytics that flag the early warning signs to help prevent people falling into debt.

This approach is designed with balance and fairness in mind: to help deliver journeys that are specific to individual customers, and payment outcomes that are right for our clients.

Treating customers fairly in collections

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