Optimising your social media channels to drive revenue

With 2.3 billion active social media users​ and 500 million Tweets sent each day – 6,000 Tweets every second​ - businesses have to take social media seriously in order to succeed.

There is a huge wealth of customer data contained within social media interactions, and our experts can help you to sort through this feedback to find genuine valuable insights.

Key statistics



➥ webchats handled per month for O2



➥ of comments responded to in 2 hours for a major UK retail brand

How it works

We've created a suite of social insight reports, which capture and analyse the key topics and metrics of social media engagements, compared to your competitors. We can:​

  • analyse direct interactions between customer and brand in respect of customer service​
  • measure engagement efficiency, effectiveness and behaviour of both customer and brand ​
  • provide topic and sentiment analysis overlaid against the customer journey​.


Socia-Live is a web application, developed by Capita, that provides businesses with real-time insight into how their brand is performing on social media against a host of customer service metrics, as well as how their performance compares to their closest competitors.

While other social media tools exist, Socia-Live is the only one built from the ground up with a focus on the customer services industry.

Socia-Live allows users to identify and utilise social media feedback, providing you with insight including sentiment trajectory, Twitter response times, customer journey analysis, and UK Customer Satisfaction Index integration.



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