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Fully understanding a customer’s journey is the first step to making that journey better and easier. You need to know how your customers will interact with you when they join, use, leave and complain about you. We consider the journey holistically and help you transform your customers' experiences.

For clients such as M&S, this degree of deep insight has meant boosting Agent Net Promoter Scores by 18% and reducing the Contact to Order ratio by more than 30%. For O2, personalisation has helped retain those customers who were ‘likely to churn’ and increase the upsell revenue by more than 40%.

But perhaps most importantly, behind the smart analysis and technology, we have astute, empathetic agents who will proactively put it to the best use – for your customer and your organisation.


boost in NPS scores for M&S


increase in upsell for O2

How it works

Our data profiling can distinguish a wide range of customer attributes and behaviours.

Customers feel that they are receiving more personalised offers or service, which creates a richer experience for the customer and deeper brand loyalty. An added benefit is an increase in your revenue, as up-selling and cross-selling opportunities are more easily identified through personalising the journey.

Effort and emotion are crucial in the analytic approach Capita takes. Capturing them exposes not only the ‘instances of anxiety’ for your customers (the stages in their journey that require extra and unnecessary work from them), but also the moments that create genuine satisfaction and delight, and enhance their view of your brand, products and services.

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