Increasing performance, security and scalability of cloud native applications

An increasingly distributed modern workforce has made it vital to provide secure services to more people in many more locations, while improving flexibility, control and application performance.

Our software-defined networking across wide area networks (SD-WAN) enables cloud adoption and accelerates your digital transformation journey while safeguarding corporate assets.

We believe SD-WAN success is built on collaborative partnership which is why we focus on understanding your business drivers, working with you to develop solutions that deliver the outcomes you need.

We apply our wealth of experience in developing both business and technology strategies to help you achieve your objectives, providing access to consulting, software and services business experts.

Using market leading SD-WAN technology, we design, deploy and manage the end-to-end service and, as an agnostic network integrator, we advise on the best technology for your organisation.

Key features

Faster and more secure

We focus on speeding up your service delivery and lowering your network expenditure by optimising network efficiency, automating your IT and providing seamless access to applications in the cloud. All whilst making sure your WAN is secure, smart and fast, with your data remaining securely encrypted at all times.

High-performing and easily accessible

We guarantee the levels of application performance through resiliency and dynamic failover. We’ll maximise the performance of vital applications, providing access from anywhere, whether they’re in your own data centre, a private cloud, or consumed from the public cloud (SaaS or PaaS). To optimise performance, you can manage specific aspects with a dashboard utilising AI-driven network analytics.

Flexible to support business agility

Connect sites seamlessly using the most appropriate access technology, from home working and small sites to large complex HQ sites. Unlike historical Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, we can reduce lead times to deploy sites to weeks. Furthermore, if integrating with broadband and 4G infrastructure, we can potentially deploy SD-WAN sites in days.

Improved user experience

SD-WAN focuses on the application performance and ensures users have seamless access to collaboration platforms for voice and video.

Reduced costs

The reduced complexity of the underlying network can offer savings over existing technology. Whilst total network replacement definitely reduces total cost of ownership, we can also guide you on a hybrid approach, perhaps where you’ve made investment in underlying network technology such as dark fibre.

Operate a virtual data centre

Your Capita-deployed SD-WAN includes software defined infrastructure from the data centre at its heart all the way out to cloud applications, enabling you to operate a virtual data centre.

How it works

IT teams need more and more management information on the performance of networked applications, and our SD-WAN service facilitates control while maintaining network security and integrity. 

Your successful SD-WAN roll out will start with a digital transformation roadmap detailing the milestones to cloud computing. We’re supplier-agnostic and will deliver effective security fabric across any infrastructure. 

Using automation and integrated AI, we simplify network design, speed up deployment and upgrade cycles, and leverage network analytics for performance optimisation in real time. Portal-driven access enables you to manage your network with far greater agility and control to create an enhanced end user experience. 


  • Seamless, secure connection of users and applications.
  • Reduces deployment time from months to days.
  • Agile response to technology developments, with faster roll outs of new features.
  • Enhanced network performance compared to traditional WANs. 
  • Improved visibility of application performance.
  • Simplified network management
  • Important step towards a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.
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