Fully managed grants live within 48 hours

To keep society moving, grant distribution needs to be fast, accurate and efficient - both for the applicant and for those managing the schemes.

With over a decade of experience of multi-channel grant operations, including disbursing Covid-19 business grants on behalf of local authorities, we’re uniquely placed to help.

In just 48 hours we can design, develop and stand up a fully managed end-to-end grant processing service, from registration and assessment to payment and appeals.

Speeding up the process with back-office automation, our system saves time for grant-makers. It’s also better for applicants, who can access the online application easily, with automation offering an improved user experience and leading to a higher proportion of successful applications.

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48 hours

How quickly we can stand up a fully functional grants disbursement service

£14 billion

The value of public funds we currently disburse every single year

15 years

Our experience in application-to-payment fund disbursement

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With extensive experience of high application volumes, eligibility criteria and multi-channel operations, we offer end-to-end processing for funds disbursements.

Whether for grants, compensation or incentive payments, we support the process from registration, assessment and verification stage to handling queries, payment and appeals.

Featuring back-office automation and customisable reporting, our fully managed solution imports data from multiple sources for automated data validation and faster applications.

Our digital grant management makes it easy to implement future funding programmes including Covid-19 emergency rescue plans.

Fast, assured and effective for grant-makers

Our solution makes designing and activating bespoke grants easy, reducing the administrative burden. Reduced manual processing delivers greater transparency and fewer errors in the system, whilst ensuring a larger number of compliant applications. You’ll benefit from improved reporting of outcomes, whilst reducing fraud risk and cost.

An easy, automated experience for applicants

By making it easier and more efficient for applicants to access the grant application process online, you ensure a vastly improved user experience and a higher proportion of successful, eligible applications.

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Capita has administered the financial support to thousands of young students to enable some of the most disadvantaged young people within our society to continue their studies and to be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future.

Mahmood Ahmed, Deputy Director for 16-19 Funding and Student Support

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