Getting public funds into the right hands. Quickly. Transparently. Safely.

Our Digital Grant Management service maximises the value of the public purse to improve social, economic and health outcomes by digitally enabling the grant management process, while linking scheme outcomes and objectives more reliably.

By reimagining the customer experience and powered by our flexible digital platform, GrantIS, we help grant makers to optimise processes and gain new insight into how their schemes perform.

Capita is uniquely placed to help:

  • 15 years of application-to-payment fund disbursement experience 
  • We currently disburse more than £14bn of public sector funds a year
  • Cabinet Office Gold Award for fraud prevention on Green Deal 
  • Largest UK-based provider of business process outsourcing for stability now and in the future
  • Seamless transition to our next-generation digital platform.
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A fully automated, end-to-end solution

We’ve applied our extensive experience of processing high volumes of grant applications against eligibility criteria and leveraging multi-channel operations to reimagine the citizen experience, designing a fully automated end-to-end digital grant management solution. GrantIS uses automation and multiple sources to validate data and process applications more quickly, matching  the Government’s recommended six-step process for grant management documented in the Government Functional Standard for Grants.

Grant makers can:

  • Set up and launch new grant schemes in minutes with a fast, assured and effective platform
  • Halve the operational costs of fund management and speed up the disbursement process
  • Improve fund applicants’ experience with an easy, intuitive and highly automated process
  • Minimise fraud with sophisticated, AI-powered anti-fraud tools 
  • Gain real-time insights into scheme performance for auditing, impact assessment and future grants planning.
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Protect against fraud and administrative error

Successful grant schemes must ensure that financial support gets to the right people, organisations or projects and that funds are being used for their intended purpose delivering the intended outcomes.

Capita’s Digital Grant Management service makes designing and activating bespoke grants easy, reducing the administrative burden on scheme managers. Reduced manual processing delivers greater transparency and fewer errors in the system, while ensuring a larger number of compliant applications. You’ll benefit from improved reporting of outcomes, while reducing the risk and cost of fraud. Making it easier and more efficient for citizens to apply for grants online gives them a vastly improved user experience, supporting more  successful, eligible applications.

Key benefits

Using our Digital Grant Management platform enables the Government to achieve more with less, reducing risk and delighting citizens and businesses with efficient and well-designed grant administration processes.

Reimagining the customer experience, using a digital platform and optimising processes means that grant schemes are more successful and more efficiently get public funds to the right people.

  • Reduce operational costs with AI, automation and bespoke integrations
  • Minimise fraud through use of sophisticated anti-fraud tools and processes
  • Delivering data that enables grant providers to create more effective schemes
  • Provide confidence that grants are used for their intended purpose
  • Maximise impact of grant funding instead of spending it on administration
  • Track outcomes to measure your scheme’s success long after the last funds have been dispersed. 
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