Our end-to-end digital transformation service is improving citizen customer experience

Investment in digital software and processes has rocketed over the last 20 years. Citizens now expect public services to be available online and easy to use. But digital is not just about implementing technology, it's a journey.

Situations change, legislation can change, and customer behaviour and demands change. This means councils need to regularly look at their digital services to make sure they are still delivering what's needed, in the most convenient, helpful way.

We work alongside your organisation’s transformation and service delivery team to co-design, provide capacity and implement digital projects. We have a team of digital specialists you can use for one-off projects, or to take you right through transformation.

We bring over 30 years of local government experience, along with diverse digital capability, helping you to shape, make and change your online services.


rationalisation of web content on the West Sussex Council website


reduction in parking services calls to Southampton City Council after reviewing and improving the online citizen experience

How it works

Our local government digital specialists use an evidence-based approach, based on Government Digital Service (GDS) principles, to deliver incremental improvements across your digital delivery.

And we’re uniquely placed to make this happen – combining the best of our unrivalled local government experience, with specialist customer management, operational efficiency and ICT solutions and capability.

The benefits include:

  • customer-centric approach to design, based on research of how customers use systems
  • cost savings across your customer services and back office administrative functions
  • an increase in customers using online channels
  • managed approach to digital exclusion and customer advocacy to support channel shift
  • reduction in the number of contacts made to the contact centre and use of face-to-face channels
  • improved customer satisfaction across all channels
  • a low risk approach to achieving and maximising your digital objectives
  • access to multi-disciplinary digital specialists and capacity
  • digital service design principles that are aligned to GDS and SOCITM digital guidance
  • flexibility to deliver small one-off projects right through to ongoing transformation support
  • options for income generation, through commercialisation of services
  • targeted work packages designed to provide a rapid return on your investment.

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