Bringing experts together to find solutions for local government fast

As events unfold, local authorities are facing unprecedented pressure to deliver vital services in the most difficult of circumstances.

The continuity and stability of public services has never been more important, especially with the government suggesting that impacts on businesses and society are set to continue over the next 12 to 18 months.

In these new uncertain times, there are many new and existing challenges that local authorities need to find solutions for immediately, such as maintaining service provision, disbursing funds and making sure the most vulnerable customers get the support they need quickly.

Solutions will also need to be developed to solve problems for the longer term and to ensure financial sustainability, as we start to plan for the new normal and emerge from Covid-19.

Seeking immediate and bespoke solutions that can be deployed quickly can sometimes prove difficult, especially when resources are stretched, and the required expertise is not available in house.

Our approach

We can solve problems together

Capita Collaboration Labs brings local government leaders together virtually, with our team of solution’s experts and partners, to co-create solutions to solve all sorts of problems that local government are struggling to solve alone.

No matter how large or small the problem, or what service or operation it relates to, we can collaborate and design a solution together at speed.

When running a collaboration lab with a local authority, we bring a range of experts from across Capita to the session, including service designers, proto-typing experts and solution architects. We can also leverage our ecosystem of partners including Microsoft, PowerApps, Outsystems and AWS, to bring other thinking and know-how to the group.

Finding solutions for local government in days, not months

With our combined expertise, we find solutions to problems in days not months. The remote collaboration Labs can be arranged extremely quickly and as there is no charge for the session, we can start brainstorming solutions together straight away, without any barriers.

Let’s co-create better outcomes for citizens

By solving problems together rapidly, we can help to improve the financial sustainability of your authority and drive service reform and resilience that will make sure you continue delivering service excellence to the communities’ you serve while easing the strain on your valued employees.


Arrange a complimentary remote collaboration lab with our experts

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