Providing better healthcare advice with a powerful multi-channel patient care platform

When you’re looking to promote wellness across communities, you need your clinical content to be easily accessible – which means offering it across a number of channels to suit the specific needs of the population you serve - from telephone triage to online healthcare videos and downloadable guidance leaflets.

Our flexible, connected and powerful patient care management platform integrates with world class clinical content and patient education information for informed clinical decision-making, patient self-assessment and better health choices. 

By bringing all your information into one place, you’ll be providing healthcare consistency across your organisation to help drive engagement and create better health outcomes. You’ll also be able to provide a complete wellness journey for patients, from their initial touchpoint with your healthcare services through to follow-up appointments and even invoicing, supporting a more positive patient experience.

With video technology for enhanced remote assessments and personalised interactions to support social distancing requirements, combined with intuitive patient relationship and care management tools, you can ensure an appealing user experience for clinicians, call handlers and patients, with the integrated platform you need to promote health and wellbeing across communities.

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How our technology helps


What is it

Our patient care management platform surfaces the most current clinical information, triage algorithms, patient education and health libraries for comprehensive healthcare support.




Supports telephone triage, face to face assessment, remote consultations, online self-assessment, remote/virtual consultations and general wellness activities.



Appealing & user-friendly

Presents health information in an engaging, user-friendly and intuitive way so that clinicians, call handlers, care managers and patients can make the right health decisions.



Comprehensive records

Powerful patient relationship management tools feature globally adaptable fields for data such as client and membership numbers, making it easier to record and share post-event information, even with detailed discharge summaries for insurance administration and clinical use.


Track patients’ health

Advanced record and reporting tools also support the monitoring of patients, including outbound care contact points and regular check-ups.



Easily integrated

Our platform has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing services and solutions and any additional services, bringing appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, patient portals and more into one place.


Streamline invoicing

Integrates into market-leading accounts systems to streamline your invoicing needs, from generating charges to fulfilment, with simple workflows to enable you to create and distribute your invoices quickly and easily, saving staff time and improving billing accuracy.



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Clinical content any way you choose


Our patient care management platform integrates seamlessly with our proven, trusted clinical content as well as with other world-class clinical content.

Our clinical content supports safe, consistent healthcare decisions by providing medically-led accurate and up-to-date information for multi-channel healthcare support. Easy to use and configure, it can be quickly tailored to meet local needs, including reflecting any emerging local disease patterns.

Whether for telephone triage or patient self-assessment, you can be confident you’re supporting safe, consistent healthcare advice whilst taking the pressure off limited resources.



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