Supporting informed wellness pathways

For healthcare providers to be able to achieve the best possible health outcomes, case management for patients needs to be easy-to-use, robust and comprehensive, featuring connected technology that provides exactly the information staff need to be productive and effective at the point of care.

Our powerful patient relationship management tools do exactly that, integrating seamlessly with our accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice and offering the whole picture of every patient to enable clinical and non-clinical staff to manage patient interactions efficiently for safe, appropriate outcomes.

With this ‘single version of the truth’ at their fingertips, healthcare staff can monitor patients accurately and are better informed about a patient’s symptom history in advance of their appointment, helping to reduce consultancy time and improving the patient experience.

From national health services and multi-national insurers, to private medical institutions and public hospitals, our platform digitally connects people, information and systems. With technology helping to co-ordinate the delivery of patient care, physicians, nurses and administrators can work collaboratively to improve clinical decision making and patients’ wellness pathways.

Driving the best outcomes – how our technology helps


Designed for patient-facing staff

Supports all patient-facing healthcare professionals, whether a doctor at a clinic or hospital, a mobile care worker, a nurse giving advice over the phone or a trained call handler.


A single, accurate record

Patient’s electronic patient record, such as allergies, injury, treatment, prescriptions, test results, observation and assessment notes, staff are better informed about a patient’s symptom history for a more streamlined appointment and better patient experience.


Guided input

Our secure, intuitive interface guides staff to accurately document each patient encounter, preventing missed information, supporting advice on next steps and ensuring consistency with adherence to procedure.


Comprehensive records

Globally adaptable fields for recording and sharing post-event information, from detailed discharge summaries to outbound care contact points and chec



All information relating to the encounter and patient is fully auditable.


Advanced reporting

The rich data you record can help you identify and analyse trends to understand emerging health problems and prevent the spread of disease.



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