Supporting your mortgage customers at crucial turning points in their lives

As a mortgage provider, you’re the cornerstone for people to build their future. Whether they’re first time buyers, up- or down-sizing, buying to let, re-mortgaging or responding to life events, they rely on you so they can move their lives forward.

But many people find the mortgage arena complex and confusing, which is why, when you outsource your mortgage servicing to us, we focus on providing a positive experience to your customers through the highest-quality support.

Available as a full end-to-end service, as well as modular options, our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated mortgage outsourcing services blend our product, regulatory, security and business process expertise with the latest technology to transform both customer experience and your back office processes.

We help simplify operating models and processes - from the decision in principle to completion, to servicing and retention, arrears management and repossession, leveraging new and emerging technologies to drive efficiencies, reduce operational costs and improve the end-to-end customer journey.

With over 30 years’ experience of delivering efficient customer-centric mortgage services for leading banks, our expert team is currently delivering several transformation programmes to support clients with retaining customers and growing their businesses.

Key statistics


➥ Our mortgage advice customer satisfaction scores


➥ Requests for payment holidays processed for one client during the pandemic

Tens of thousands

➥ How many people we help to buy a new home or remortgage every year

Our work

Enhancing customer experience, especially when they need you the most

Our focus is on delivering better customer experiences, including onboarding customers efficiently, and leveraging data to ensure greater resilience around conduct and regulatory compliance. We use customer insight to put the right people with the right skills in place, along with a culture of first time resolution to achieve your specific objectives.

All our staff are trained to identify vulnerable customers and exercise the appropriate duty of care, using industry-standard techniques which include the FCA-recommended TEXAS, CARERS & IDEA drills. With close links with charitable organisations such as The Samaritans for bespoke training, we provide specialised, highly trained and experienced capabilities for the case management of sensitive and vulnerable customers, including handling deceased customer accounts and supporting bereaved customers and representatives.


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    • Supporting the delivery of your strategy, policy and lending decisions 
    • Working with you to define new products and customer service propositions 
    • Managing the relationship with your broker panel
    • Monitoring portfolio performance and operational service delivery
    • Managing distribution channels
    • End-to-end (broker or customer originated) mortgage application processing
    • Origination system can be white labelled and interfaced seamlessly with any loan administration software
    • Managing client investments from the customer’s first enquiry, through to completion.
    • Complete underwriting service within mandated authorities applied against your bespoke lending policy
    • Focused end-to-end in-term customer retention strategies handled expertly by our qualified CeMap mortgage advisers
    • Full origination conveyancing service
    • Residential and commercial mortgage payment processing, reconciliation and exception handling
    • Fulfilling redemption requests
    • Ensuring product terms and conditions are satisfied, including the delivery of annual statements and the implementation of interest rate changes
    • Completing general service enquiries and maintaining customer records
    • Proactively monitoring accounts to limit the number of customers who fall into arrears, seeking to intervene early to find an appropriate solution for your customer.
    • Securitised asset portfolio servicing
    • Standby/back-up servicing for peaks in demand
    • Relationship building with your customers, unlocking the benefits of regular contact and collaboration
    • Scalable solutions for urgent increases in demand e.g. payment holidays
    • Full end-to-end arrears lifecycle servicing
    • Rehabilitation of your customers, identifying the root cause for arrears and agreeing a sustainable solution including short and long term arrangements
    • Skilled and experienced handling of customer disengagement and non-payment to minimise loss mitigation, where appropriate
    • Utilisation of a range of specialist strategies to maximise recoveries, including exit strategies.
    • Approach built around core disciplines of information gathering, matching, presenting and executing solutions
    • Management of third party suppliers, relationship management team and governance framework to support your portfolio.
    • Multi-jurisdictional capabilities and experience.
    • Complex case management and multi-party liaison.
    • Deployment of strategies across a range of scenarios, including mortgage arrears, ground rent/service change arrears, interest only end of term resolution, third party possession.
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    Case study

    The Co-operative Bank

    We’re helping The Co-operative Bank to create better experiences with consistent customer outcome quality scores of 95%, and mortgage advice customer satisfaction scores of 95%-100%. We helped the bank to maintain a full service during the pandemic, dealing with over 27,000 payment deferral requests. Our partnership led to a lending increase of 5%, enabling 22,000 customers to buy a new home or remortgage, and the bank to maintain their market presence.

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    Key benefits


    Strengthen operations with responsive, resilient resourcing

    Our agile approach to talent deployment gives you the flexibility and confidence to scale your business, making it easy for you to access the most talented people.


    Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

    We ensure your customer needs and business requirements are at the core of what we do together – not only do we reduce the cost to serve but, by enhancing customer experience, we improve brand loyalty and your NPS score to help you exercise competitive advantage.


    Boost productivity and remove risk with automation

    We provide mortgage providers with the insight and cutting-edge technologies that gives time back, allowing you to achieve what you do best - providing a great service to your customers.


    Stand out in a dynamic, constantly changing mortgage market

    Select the services you need from our end-to-end mortgage capability and our forward-thinking mortgage team will support you in leading the way as the lender of tomorrow.



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    Hear from our customers

    Darrell Evans

    Managing Director of Retail Banking at The Co-operative Bank.


    The working synergy between us and Capita has led to good outcomes for both our business and our customers. We’ve worked together to keep lending when other banks might have stopped during the pandemic, supporting customers in financial difficulty, and ensuring that customers are more satisfied with the service they get from us. It’s a successful partnership, and one that we’re glad to have.

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