Capita's health assessment tracker (CHAT) helps meet those challenges

Developed in under 36 hours by our Capita Consulting and Capita Software teams and leveraging the power of low code rapid application development, CHAT is a health assessment tracker, deployed online and via mobile devices. Through a series of straightforward questions, you can quickly capture relevant data on the health and well-being of your people, as you navigate through the various medical and logistical challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The application gives a real-time view of the health of your workforce, from the spread of the virus, to the progress and recovery of each individual while continually responding to the entire teams evolving needs around remote working, childcare commitments and caring for dependants. Notifications provide government advice and updates from your HR teams, and the health & wellbeing module encourages your teams to keep fit and healthy while working remotely.

Dashboard reporting helps build a geo-locational picture of people’s health, and their remote working capacity as they balance working life with caring responsibilities. The insight from this tool allows your management teams to provide targeted support, while enabling a flexible approach to your wider business needs.

Supporting your people through disruption

We developed CHAT initially for ourselves, to provide our people with an extra layer of support and to better understand their individual needs.

Over the last few weeks we’ve found the app has enabled us to respond more efficiently, and faster, than via traditional channels.

It has helped us adapt and be agile in an ever-changing situation. And because of its low code build, we have been able to update the app to meet new challenges as they arise; enterprise wide updates and releases from design through to build and integration are live in a matter of hours.

CHAT is an essential tool in ensuring we share information as quickly as possible with our people, in a convenient and easy to consume way.

For more information on CHAT, take a look at our video.

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