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Capita's Integra Centros is a suite of cloud-based finance, procurement and related functions. We offer IFAs financial planning, research and compliance software with our Synaptic solutions, while our mortgage software provides brokers with services such as product information portals and arrears management.

We’re committed to developing even more ways to keep your financial management ahead of the game.


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Finance software services

Finance and accounting software

Capita Integra Centros, is a suite of cloud-based software for finance, procurement and related functions, which is modular, scalable, flexible and reliable. It is shaped and driven by Capita’s 30 years of expertise in meeting the existing and imminent imperatives, across multiple sectors, with best-of-breed solutions that offer a clear return on investment.

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Financial planning tools

Our end to end financial planning and research solution helps you to recommend, quote and transact millions of decisions that are suitable and compliant, supporting the investment and protection markets. These tools will provide you with peace of mind for advice suitability and assist you in creating better financial outcomes for your clients.

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Mortgage software

Our innovative mortgage software and services span the entire lifecycle of a loan. We’re trusted by some of the UK’s largest financial institutions to provide individual services, as well as entire end-to-end mortgage solutions, which support their success.

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Management information systems

Capita’s range of incident management, records management and control room solutions allow emergency services to provide fast, targeted help to those in need.

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Workforce management

We know that people are your most important asset. That's why we've created a range of HR management tools to help you organise your workforce efficiently. From manufacturing firms to the emergency services, we've got a solution for your organisation.

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From invoice payments to process management, Capita’s software can save you time and money.

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