Management information systems

From local authorities to housing associations and the fire service, we’re supporting some of the UK’s most complex organisations with records management, resourcing, incident management and much more.
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Effective information management through insightful, expert solutions

We’re a leading supplier of management information software across many major sectors.

We help the UK’s emergency services keep the public safe with innovative control room management systems - handling more than 4,600 police emergency calls each day.

We apply our in-depth knowledge of local government administration to relieve the pressure on stretched local authorities, from cost-saving benefits management systems to software which supports local education authorities to deliver the best outcomes for children and young people.

We help oversee the maintenance and management of more than one million UK housing association units. And our investigation tools guard all types of organisations against payment fraud.

With decades of expertise behind us, we’ll keep providing the latest in cutting edge software solutions.


The number of UK local authorities using our software to manage and improve education and children’s services


Police emergency calls managed every day


Largest housing providers supported by our technology

Management information systems solutions


Control room and contact centre software

ControlWorks is allowing emergency services and critical response agencies to manage all aspects of public safety contact management and incident response, for faster and better-informed decision-making and resource deployment.

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Police records management

UNIFI is a modular records management system that can be delivered and deployed in line with operational requirements and business change programmes.

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Housing services

From maximising resources with streamlined asset and contractor management, to virtual support and online portals to encourage self-service, we apply the latest technology to improve efficiency, compliance and resident experience.

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Revenues and benefits

A more efficient way to administer revenues and benefits, which will speed up and improve your service to citizens.

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Local education authority software

Our market-leading software helps local authorities to manage services efficiently to deliver better outcomes for all children.

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