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We understand that when people are your most important, but most expensive asset, you need to ensure that they are correctly allocated to the right projects. 

Our market leading resource management software, Retain, allows you to effectively manage resources, productivity and costs for your organisation anytime, anywhere using the latest technology. Get the real-time data you need to enhance utilisation and business operations, reduce costs and improve productivity. Available as an on-premise, hosted or cloud solution, Retain meets the needs of professional services firms around the world. 

The fully configurable, graphical Wallchart gives you instant visibility of your resources, projects, and where under or over utilisation exists within your team.  In addition, Retain Skills, our unique talent management solution, helps you to identify and track employee skills, enabling better matching of resources to projects and teams, resulting in satisfied clients and greater revenues. 

Highly configurable to your unique business requirements, our dedicated team of implementation experts are on hand to guide you through the set-up process, providing training and support and enabling you to get the most out of the solution. 

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How it works

Our resource management software allows you to take control of your resources. You can access an instant view of availability over time, with powerful filtering and an intuitive user-friendly design. You will be empowered to quickly allocate time and resources to specific areas of your business.

Build your own metrics

Every organisation is different which is why with our Retain resource planning software you can measure your own success using your metrics to calculate the effectiveness of your business.


You can use Retain as a desktop application, a cloud-based application, or both. The Retain mobile app also lets you access scheduling information on the go using your smartphone.

Collaborate globally

Operating internationally brings about many challenges. Retain supports multiple alphabets, calendars, work hours, time zones and currencies. Planning your people lets you easily connect teams from across the globe.

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Improve utilisation by 5%

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5%. This might not sound like a lot, but what if we told you that for our top 5 clients, a 5% increase in utilisation equates to billions of pounds in additional profits since they started using Retain? 

When your people are your main cost, and your main source of revenue, we understand the importance of accurately scheduling them to the right project.

Retain allows you to not only view your entire resource pool, be that locally or on a global scale, speeding up the planning and demand fulfilment process. 

Manage your talent & empower your employees

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Our unique skills and talent profile feature set enables your employees to build their own talent profiles, documenting their skills, experience and certifications.

This empowers your people to apply for roles and projects they have an interest in, or would like to develop skills on, ultimately retaining and developing your key players to increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

  • Track skills, experience and qualifications
  • Enable applications through the jobs board
  • Filter and search to find the right person for the right job, at the right time

Resource planning software vs Microsoft Excel

A streamlined approach to resource planning is essential to ensure your maximise your returns. 

Efficient resource planning, including staffing people with the right skills, can have dramatic improvements on your planning processes.

Discover how our resource planning software compares to Microsoft Excel.

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