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Smarter buildings enhance sustainability beyond environmental considerations – they lower costs and support smarter working which, in turn, means greater profitability and long-term business growth.

Our smart building solutions support the evolution and creation of future-ready workplaces, blending real estate with artificial intelligence so you can monitor, measure and control every element of your building systems. We help you lower energy costs and organisational carbon footprint, provide secure, convenient access for employees and visitors, and enable smarter ways of working with high-speed data and internet access.

If you’re planning a wholesale building transformation, our dedicated smart buildings experts create a complete picture of what will work best, using their experience to minimise bottlenecks and ensure your chosen technologies interface and collaborate with one another, without clashes or interoperability issues.

And if you’re taking a more phased approach, we’ll help you pass the baton smoothly at every stage, even when activity is separated by months or years.

We also ensure data can be collected and analysed, helping you understand how your buildings are used day to day, boosting productivity, aiding regulatory compliance and increasing safety.

How smart buildings help


Reduced cost of ownership

Enabling buildings to be smarter on a continuous basis can provide significant and sustainable cost savings. A study by The Climate Group estimates that ICT has the potential to reduce global energy consumption from all sectors1, with the biggest potential impact made by ICT tools that improve energy efficiency in buildings at the design phase and through smart building management systems. Our solutions help you significantly reduce CapEx/OpEx by operating a single, integrated infrastructure rather than multiple systems, simplifying network maintenance and control in the process.


Corporate social responsibility

Your organisation almost certainly has a CSR policy - a smart building will enhance this. All the benefits gained from applying an integrated solution fall perfectly into the realm of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – enhancing reputation, taking responsibility for energy use and reduction, creating a sustainable business by being profitable, maintaining employment and contributing to the local community and the UK economy.


Responding to workplace evolution

Work methods are changing. The workplace of the future is already here and organisations are having to shape up to embrace it. Hybrid working, flexible and mobile, is increasingly in demand and being championed by Government to enable more people to return to work and balance lifestyles. Integrated solutions which gather information about how people use buildings help companies to create better working environments. These include permanent and hot desk solutions, and CCTV streamed live to your notebook, along with active network, infrastructure and WiFi solutions.

Our smart building solutions

Using a single structured cabling infrastructure and converged data network, we connect all key components to the internet, ensuring everything - from digital signage to networks, audiovisuals to security - is managed seamlessly and intelligently:

  • Audio visual - Collaboration, interactive screens, speaker systems, screen mirroring.
  • Wi-Fi - Including fully compliant public Wi-Fi services and Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions (WIPD).
  • CCTV - IP CCTV, network analytics, video analytics.
  • Access control - Converged credentials for identity management using biometrics.
  • HVAC - Digital twinning, real-time control and preventative maintenance
  • Software analytics - AI-based usage insights, analysis and intelligence reporting
  • Greener buildings - Intelligent lighting mimics daylight and temperature is controlled for optimum comfort from room to room, while heating in empty rooms turns off to save energy.

Electranet UK Ltd

If you need a secure network infrastructure specialist, we provide turnkey intelligent connectivity solutions across corporate, government and high security environments through our Electranet division.

From smart building solutions which include structured cabling and flexible networking, to security and AI enabled real estate services, we design, deliver and support highly secure network and communication infrastructure throughout the UK.

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1The Climate Group, SMART 2020: Enabling the low carbon economy in the information age (Accessed 2 March, 2021).

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