Backed by Capita plc, the UK’s largest business services company, we provide our partners with a unique set of services built upon three core pillars:


Access to Capita’s unrivalled network of clients and suppliers, developed over the last four decades


Dedicated, full-time employees from the Capita Scaling Partner team placed within the business to unlock opportunities and accelerate sales


The credibility that comes with the backing of Capita

This disruptive model ensures businesses within our portfolio achieve tangible outcomes, taking the risk out of start-up investment.

Success stories


Acquired by Degreed, a US-based learning experience platform, in 2019. Capita Scaling Partner partnered with Adepto in 2018. After signing up Capita as a flagship client, we helped the founding team successfully grow the platform, facilitating valuable introductions to high profile customers and partners in the UK and overseas. Alongside this, we supported Adepto through a significant funding round in 2019 and their exit to Degreed in 2020.


Revenue growth over the 18-month partnership


Of revenue growth has come through opportunities generated by Capita Scaling Partner


Capita Scaling Partner partnered with Distributed in 2020. In the first 12 months of the relationship, we helped grow their run-rate revenue by 400%. Sales opportunities generated through Capita now account for over 80% of the Distributed sales pipeline. Our hands-on support and expertise has enabled Distributed to scale rapidly. In April 2021, they closed a Series A funding round of £4.3m.


Run rate revenue increase in the first 12 months of the partnership

Over 80%

Of the sales pipeline attributed to Capita's network

”Capita Scaling Partner is a unique model. We saw first-hand the value of their expert team in unlocking growth opportunities for their partner companies. This enabled us to develop the business and position ourselves for a successful exit.”

Chris Milligan, CEO and Founder of Adepto

”We partnered with Capita Scaling Partner as we wanted to accelerate our enterprise sales channel and align ourselves with the power, prestige and stature of the Capita brand.”

Callum Adamson, CEO and Founder of Distributed

Our portfolio

CSP has already supported a host of transformative, early-stage businesses, achieving rapid results that outperform expectations.

A digital toolkit for the future of insurance, allowing insurers to digitise the entire insurance life cycle.


Network of fully managed, globally distributed software developers and data engineers that work remotely within an AI-powered platform.


Software that predicts how any content or experience design influences what an audience sees first across any channel.


A financial wellness app that helps employees understand their finances better.


Enables businesses to introduce an advanced, realistic and functional AR experience from their existing websites.


Adepto was a talent management solution that the US-based learning experience platform Degreed acquired in 2019.


A cloud-based adaptive learning platform that allows organisations in high-skill areas to create, deliver and monitor adaptive online learning.


A unique financial solution that allows mortgage providers to offer high loan-to-value mortgages at competitively low rates without increasing the risk profile of customers.


Munnypot is an online investment solution that offers financial advice through a robo-advice chatbot.


Filtered is a learning technology company that helps large organisations get the right content to the right people to build the right skills.


Meet our founders

Matt Bunn

Matt Bunn


Matt has over 10 years’ experience in investment banking and strategic business development across a variety of sectors such as private equity, banking, telecoms and local government. Before founding Capita Scaling Partner, Matt was a Commercial Director in Capita’s strategic deals team.

John Downes

John Downes


John has over 20 years of strategy and business development experience in a variety of sectors including defence, financial services and insurance. Before founding Capita Scaling Partner, John was a Business Development Director in Capita’s strategic deals team.

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