We're helping our client to identify – and resolve – 'hidden' issues that are affecting their customers.


Our client, a retailer renowned for its customer service, is always looking for ways to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Like many organisations today, they had an abundance of potentially invaluable customer data – over 100 million customer conversations. But they needed the right analytical tools to use this data and turn it into actionable insight. This kind of insight has the potential to spot and rectify any issues that might affect their reputation for outstanding customer service.


Most retailers are sitting on piles of data gold, but you need the right analytical tools to find it. Capita’s 3D Insight methodology helps companies uncover where in the journey customers are having issues – and the steps to resolve them.

    Our approach

    Using our 3D Insight methodology, we literally look from every angle. We combined information from three streams of our client's information: customer contacts, data such as order and account details, and customer relationship data, to understand what triggers a contact.

    This '3D' picture builds a rich picture of what's going on within the business, as well as with the customer.

    The impact

    We compiled a league table of 20 suppliers, showing which were helping the brand and which needed to improve performance. The table showed that 52% of chase calls were generated by 0.3% of suppliers – just ten distributors.

    With one major supplier, the aftersales query process was taking as long as four weeks. We also revealed another weak link here; the majority (75%) of goodwill payments connected to this supplier were down to poor service, while faulty goods accounted for only 5%.

    Armed with insights like these, the retailer is able to take positive steps to improve customer experience, as well as raise the performance of suppliers.

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    Our thinking
    Kerry Edwards
    5 mins read
    “Yes, there is value in one dimensional analysis; we can quantify things. With two-dimensional analysis, where we know something about the order or the customer, we can tell you a certain demographic or postcode is ringing about that product.But in three dimensions, for example, if we know about all the orders a client has taken, that gets really interesting. Then we can tell you how many people are ringing about this one product compared to all the others. We can tell you how many people buying it are ringing the contact centre about it – and if that number is high, it implies you’ve got a systemic failure going on.”

    Alan Linter, Insight, Analytics and Improvement Director at Capita

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