Working on behalf, and with, Transport for London, we manage the London Congestion Charging scheme.

This high-profile service has been instrumental in reducing congestion in London and also provides Transport for London with significant revenue each year, supporting investment in the transport that is critical in keeping London moving.

Our approach

We’ve implemented a robust service model that delivers both the congestion charge and business operations, including processing of traffic enforcement notices across the entire TfL road network. The substantial delivery programme includes a range of IT, back office and customer contact centre services and systems.

Our service includes the full end-to-end congestion charging process, from upfront payments and customer services, through to enforcement operations. We fully process the evidential records from the congestion zones. Once we receive the images and associated meta data, we verify, before processing through our account and billing system. Where a contravention is detected, or payment not made, the record is sent to our enforcement operations team who will raise a penalty chare notice (PCN). If further action is required Capita will collate all evidence for any further action

The front-end delivery of these services includes complex levels of integration between our managed IT systems and those run by third party organisations, for example  the ANPR camera provider,  and European debt recovery agency.

The impact

These robust integrations allow high performance levels and quality processing for example of over images 1.4m images are processed per day, with over 1.2m registered customers. In addition, 10-15,000 payments are processed on behalf of TfL each and every day via our multitude of customer facing channels, web, IVR, contact centre and our mobile app. We work towards keeping London moving while offering a high level of customer service.

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