Supporting productivity in public sector organisations to drive growth

As the key driver of economic growth, productivity is what leads to better living standards, higher wages, a more skilled workforce and greater wellbeing. Public sector organisations have an important role to play in enabling productivity growth. But how do we define and measure public sector productivity? What are the key levers that can be used to boost this, and are there lessons to learn from the private sector?

From practical guidance to thought leadership, we’ve put together a number of insightful resources which seek to address these questions and support the significant productivity potential of the public sector.


Making public sector productivity practical

Improving productivity not only boosts economic growth, it can also encourage innovation, create employment opportunities, enhance educational attainment, and renew the social and cultural fabric across the UK. But since 2010 there’s been a slowdown in productivity across the UK, a challenge that’s influenced several political agendas for many years.

To address this, we partnered with The Productivity Institute to find practical ways to accelerate productivity and create a pathway to improve efficiency, opportunities and outcomes for all.

Download our report, Making Public Sector Productivity Practical, where we connect the different perspectives from which the public sector can approach productivity.

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Productivity puzzles podcast series

Bart van Ark, Professor of Productivity Studies at the University of Manchester and MD of the Productivity Institute brings together leading minds to discuss how to improve productivity.


Upskilling for the future: Solving the productivity problem

Our research with 1,500 employees and 1,000 HR decision makers shows a disconnect in the quality of learning and development opportunities which could impact the economy.



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How we can help to enhance productivity in public services

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Productivity in central government

We can help you make the most of your resources, building a better way of working and introducing innovative solutions so you can deliver high-performance public services.

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Productivity in local government

We free you to focus on what really matters by helping you use data, technology and our process knowhow to make local public services more effective.

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