As the number of files and copies increase, document management and compliance can become overwhelming, taking an average of 37 minutes to find just one paper file*.

As the number of files and copies increase, document management and compliance can become overwhelming, taking an average of 37 minutes to find just one paper file*. 

By contrast, scanned documents can be retrieved quickly and easily, without having to leave your desk. Digitising your paper-based storage systems future-proofs your archives, ensuring better security, compliance and productivity.

We can help you optimise your operations by giving you complete and – crucially - instant access to your information by converting your documents into digital files and storing them in our secure archive.

* source survey by AIIM (Association for Information & Image Management)

See the brochure for more about our scanning, digitisation and data capture services:

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and scanning capabilities


150 million images

➥ Scanned annually for clients


Over 280,000

➥ Worth of invoices processed annually

Our solutions

How we can help

paper scanning

We provide a complete catalogue

We can accurately digitise, catalogue and index your entire estate of stored paper. The documents are then made available to you instantly via a fully and easily searchable web-based access platform, or via your own in-house systems.

managing the data

Access your information on demand

We can hold your physical archive in one of our secure facilities and supply digital images of information on request. The required record is extracted from the archive, digitised and made available either by email or through our secure web-hosting service. Images are indexed and catalogued for ease of discovery.

accessing the information

Specialist scanning services and equipment

Our state of the art scanning services feature highly specialised equipment designed for the preservation and archiving of historical, delicate and rare documents.


Microfilm and microfiche digitisation

Digitising your microfilm and microfiche reduces reliance and risk of old technology whilst enabling the benefits of modern digitisation and access. We have a range of equipment to digitise different sized tapes, acetates and polyester based films.

Our solutions

At a glance: our scanning and digitisation services

magnifying-glass blue icon

We scan, index and store for you

All backed up by offsite disaster recovery

cloud icon navy

No need for physical storage

We digitise all paper documents and film-based material

Internet Search

Quickly extract critical data

Fast on-demand access from our secure archive facility

Person Padlock

Protected and compliant

Secure web hosting to meet legislation requirements

Our solutions

Key benefits

Instant accessibility

Using automated workflows, files are digitised and indexed for swift location and a single view of multiple data sources, without the risk of misplaced files.

Reassurance of compliance

Digitising files makes it easier for your company to fulfil its legal and regulatory obligations.

Preservation of key information

Conversion and archiving of historical microfilm/fiche, delicate and rare documents

Improved customer service

Ability to access files and answer your customer instantly helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Security and peace of mind

Disaster recovery is easier when digital files have backup copies, compared to multiple paper files.

Space saving

Thousands of files can be stored on a server rather than taking up valuable real estate.

Case studies

Read about our work

Providing John Lewis with instant access to archived data

We enabled the John Lewis Partnership to digitise and securely transfer 54,000 microfiche jackets containing some 1.2 million images.

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Digitally capturing valuable evidence for a wholesale food service

We provided an electronic document management solution for proofs of delivery for a wholesale food service which could be accessed by authorised users at any time.

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