Customer service voice analytics

Assisted customer conversations give your customers a high quality, personalised service by augmenting our customer service agents with AI-driven technology that allows them to identify the best solutions to queries in real time.

Using voice analytics to optimise customer service in real time

Combining technology and human expertise, our assisted customer conversations are helping you to serve your customers better with real-time conversational analysis and assistance that frees agents to actively focus on conversations for a first-class customer experience.

The technology component analyses the content and tone of calls to contact centres, equipping our agents to engage more successfully with your customers according to their query and their temperament.

It flags opportunities for sales and reminds agents to comply with regulations. It even advises them if they need to take extra care, for example to help a vulnerable caller.

The technology uses machine learning, so it’s continually developing and improving. Its built-in outcomes-based analytics engine provides valuable insight that allows us to continually improve our service and meet your objectives – whether that’s reducing churn, ensuring regulatory compliance or identifying vulnerability, all while providing excellent customer service.


increase in-call productivity for insurance company, using speech analysis alone. Average call time reduced by 20 seconds


increase in sales for telecoms company, converting hesitant customers using outcomes insight


more successful in identifying at-risk customers for a client

"By providing real-time rather than historic analytics, coupled with AI-driven agent assistance, this tool will enable our agents not just to be more responsive, but to respond better. By facilitating more efficient and effective communication, it will significantly reduce average hold times and further enhance the services we provide to the private and public sector organisations who rely on us to deliver consistent service excellence for their customers"

Alan Linter, Capita’s Innovation and Data Science Director

Our solution

The solution
Assisted customer conversations
What it is AI-driven conversation technology providing automated, real-time advice to our customer service agents
How it helps For clients:
  • Can help to convert hesitant customers to satisfied buyers. 
  • Gathers data to continually improve service, meet your objectives and make you more competitive. 
  • Keeps you compliant with regulatory requirements.

For customer contact agents:

  • Identifies the best solutions to customer queries. 
  • Advises how best to proceed with vulnerable or unhappy callers.
  • Logs and transcribes conversations.
  • Frees up agents to actively listen, then lets them catch their breath between calls.

For customers:

  • Ensures customers get the most helpful, accurate responses to their queries.
  • Reduces hold time when waiting for an agent.
  • Aids a better experience, with the agent focused on the customer rather than on finding information in their systems.
Features include
  • Identifies opportunities for sales and flags compliance requirements.
  • Monitors calls, analyses them and gives agents feedback in real time. 
  • Identifies the best solution to the incoming query, leaving agents free to really listen to the caller and help them more quickly and effectively. 
Who it is for Organisations that want to offer the very best customer service with a combination of the latest technology and human expertise.

Key features

Enabling customer service agents to hold active, free-flowing conversations while addressing customers’ queries.


Real time solutions

Identifies solutions to incoming queries, leaving agents free to really listen and help callers quickly and effectively.


Better service

Turns voice analysis into unique insights, prompts and recommended actions so that call centre teams can give personalised, helpful guidance.


Improved compliance

Flags compliance requirements, helping agents to adhere to regulations while holding a natural, free-flowing conversation.


Improves sales

Identifies sales opportunities as they arise so that agents can capitalise on them.


Enables supervision

Allows team leaders to follow calls live, to offer support and expert guidance to agents via chat, or to identify when to intervene in calls if necessary.


Machine learning

Continually improves and develops. Outcomes-based analytics engine automatically analyses conversations, enabling continuous improvement and providing valuable insight.

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