Delivering the real-time voice and virtual technology that customers expect

By combining smart interactive voice response (IVR) systems and the analysis of voice conversations – as well as using artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the agent to find, in real time, centrally stored information on the customer – we're delivering huge benefits to agents, businesses and their customers.

Rather than customer service advisors having to deal with time-consuming administrative tasks, our technology automatically categorises calls, takes notes and transcribes conversations. It also analyses conversations as they occur, identifying the root causes of positive or negative calls so advisors no longer need to put customers on hold or flick through various screens to gather the information they need. They’re free to focus on the customer, whether managing and mitigating complaints and quick service resolution, or providing sales and retention activities.

At Capita, we not only offer the resources to develop and implement smarter voice technologies into your operation, we also have the customer service experience and knowledge to ensure the technology is successfully delivered and is right solution for your business and your customers.

Key statistics



➥ reduction in abandoned calls for a retail provider after implementing a new IVR system



➥ accuracy of customer conversations using speech recognition software

At a glance

How our assisted customer conversations solution helps

Real-time prompts

Instant prompts for advisors by analysing the customer’s conversation and tone of voice in real-time.

Better support

The advisor is more informed and can focus, whether resolving a complaint or supporting a vulnerable customer.

reduce time
Reduce hold times

By enabling calls to be managed more efficiently and effectively, average hold times are significantly reduced.

Better outcomes

The customer, in turn, has a more efficient and personal experience and the best possible outcome.

Our solution

The impact

Fewer abandoned calls and happier customers

For one retail client, our IVR solution resulted in a 42% reduction in abandoned calls, meaning that more customers were able to have their enquiries resolved and demonstrating that the client cared for its customers. And our speech recognition systems can analyse all points of a customer conversation with 70% accuracy, identifying any phrases that indicate the customer’s satisfaction levels.

Alan Linter
Alan Linter

Innovation and Data Science Director, Capita


This technology will transform how we coach and support our advisors and allows team leaders to follow calls live, enabling them to support with expert guidance via chat, as well as identifying when they should join calls directly.




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