Improving outcomes with digital self-serve capabilities

Debt can be deeply stressful and embarrassing for many customers. In fact, the majority of people prefer to self-serve when it comes to managing debt.

That’s why we utilise the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure a seamless self-serve experience. To ensure compliant outcomes, we use real-time speech analytics to monitor consumer sentiment as well as call quality, to provide you with complete assurance.

It’s the modern, streamlined and compassionate way to support customers on their journey back to financial health. But our AI systems are also intelligent enough to know when it’s better for the customer to route their enquiry to an agent who’s trained to support more complex needs.

This combination of our people, our technology and our outcomes-focused approach is designed to support and nurture the important relationships you develop with your customers. Crucially, it’s focused on preventing debts from arising in the first place, as well as protecting customers from entering the later stages of debt.

Treating customers fairly in collections

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26 years+

is how long it would take to pay back the average credit card debt at the minimum repayment each month

Strengthening your response with virtual agents

Virtual agents use our conversational AI tool to provide customers with self-service options that answer important questions, guide them to the right information and – most importantly of all - reduce the need for them to speak to an agent.

This is not only popular with customers, it also frees up more of your customer service agents’ time, enabling them to focus on helping the most vulnerable customers, as well as those with the most complex enquiries.

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