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We’re using assisted customer conversations to help you to serve your customers better through real-time voice analysis and digital interactions. The technology augments the conversations between our customer service agents and your customers by turning this analysis into unique insight, prompting and recommending actions that enable call centre teams to give personalised, helpful guidance to callers first time, every time.

The technology monitors calls, analyses them and gives our agents feedback in real time. It identifies the best solution to the incoming query for them, leaving them free to really listen to the caller and help them more quickly and effectively. 

It’s invaluable for agents who are working remotely. Not only does the assisted customer conversations technology provide direct in-call support it also allows their team leaders to follow calls live, support and guide agents via chat, and even identify when to intervene in calls if necessary.

And the built-in intelligent analytics provides valuable insights that allow us to continually improve the service that we provide and to meet your objectives – whether that’s reducing churn, ensuring regulatory compliance or identifying vulnerability, all while providing excellent customer service.


increase in-call productivity for insurance company, using speech analysis alone. Average call time reduced by 20 seconds


increase in sales for telecoms company, converting hesitant customers using outcomes insight


more successful in identifying at-risk customers for a client

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Our assisted customer conversation technology analyses calls and gives feedback in real-time. This will enable our agents not just to be more responsive, but to respond better.

Not only does the technology provide direct in-call support, it also allows their team leaders to follow calls live, support and guide agents via chat, and even identify when to intervene in calls if necessary. Watch our video to learn more.

How it works


Identifies opportunities for sales and recommendations for the best resolution to a query. It flags compliance requirements, so that agents can adhere to regulations while holding a natural, free-flowing conversation.


Analyses the pitch, pace and tone of a customer’s voice to determine their mood and advise the agent on how best to proceed.


Informs the agent if they need to take special measures, for example if the caller is vulnerable.


Takes the effort out of the post-call logging process and gives agents a chance to catch their breath between calls without sacrificing productivity by categorising calls automatically, taking notes and transcribing conversations.


Automatically analyses conversations with its built-in outcomes-based analytics engine, identifying the root causes of a positive or negative call.


Uses machine learning to continuously develop and improve.

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