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We’re working with a range of leading-edge providers to bring our clients the best in agile and flexible cloud-based contact centre platforms. Together we combine market-leading technology and  industry expertise to help your agents with efficient contact management to improve customer experience.

We’re also a recognised Amazon Connect Consulting partner, meaning we can seamlessly implement this leading system into our contact centre operations for our clients, and we can do it leveraging our expertise in customer management and offering a wider SmartAgent capability. This means clients will maximise the benefits they get from Amazon Connect, from improved first time resolution and cost savings to better flexibility and customer experiences.

We launched Amazon Connect in our Trade UK operation, delivering greater flexibility, enhanced operational reporting, and a better user experience for our agents.

How our cloud-based services help

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Free resources

Automate your most common reasons for contact, freeing agents to concentrate on what matters.

Flexible plans

Pay as you go plans offer flexibility during peaks and removing the need for expensive licence fees.


Greater efficiency

Improve first contact resolution and intelligent routing to reduce wait times.

Capita and Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a voice-focused system that comes with all the standard telephony features including skills-based routing, call recording, real-time metrics, analytics and IVR. But Amazon’s development of the Alexa-powered Echo devices means Connect is also strong on speech recognition, artificial intelligence, chatbots and machine learning. Many other Amazon Web Services can plug into Connect, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, offering enormous capability for clients and a healthy degree of future proofing.

With Capita's customer management expertise and innovative technology, we can offer the full package, which organisations don't get from a cloud-based platform alone. For example, combined with SmartAgent capability, clients can integrate additional multichannel contact into the platform and agents can have text-based interactions with customers via webchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and more. SmartAgent can be set up to self-serve by linking the platform to back office systems, where it can carry out ‘data dips’ into CRMs and billing systems to deliver customers details to agents’ screens as conversations are happening.

It comes with an advanced degree of voice and data analytics already on board and we can help you use that insight to understand your customers’ intent and sentiment better and work in the channels they prefer. This also makes it easier to personalise contacts and deliver tailored interactions, as well as keeping customers or citizens up to date with the progress of their case via messages on the channel they’ve chosen.

This heightened personalisation – which is today expected as standard by many customers – should both enhance satisfaction and create more revenue opportunities.



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