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We understand that healthcare is about operational delivery, not theory; that the 1.3 million people who work in the NHS are focused on providing quality care with respect, dignity and compassion to improve patients’ health and lives.

We've been supporting the NHS, both at the national, regional, and local levels, helping the organisation – and its people – to remain accountable to patients, communities and the public, whilst delivering the best value for taxpayers’ money.

We help the health sector to focus on clinical care by providing a wide range of digitally-enabled clinical administrative services, health technology, and data science solutions. Our expertise lies in enabling complex services and systems to function seamlessly. We understand how to integrate services into systems and how to improve them over long-term relationships, responding to both local needs and changes in policy and planning.

Across the NHS, we provide integrated intelligent productivity solutions that address immediate challenges whilst helping to deliver long-term, system wide, economic sustainability. This is coupled with a people-centred approach which supports the NHS to build agile, skilled and sustainable workforces. Our solutions make a real difference in the lives of clinicians and patients by combining people, processes, data, automation, and intelligence in a way that matters to their everyday experiences and services.

£146 million

➥   What we saved an NHS body in real terms over 5 years.



6,500 GP practices

➥   How many we support with a range of digital services.

Multiple ICSs

➥   We’re helping integrated care systems with innovative self-funding and benefits models.

Our approach

Focusing on action and practicality

Improving productivity not only boosts economic growth, it also encourages innovation, creates employment opportunities, enhances educational attainment, and renews the social and cultural fabric across the UK.

In our flagship report, Making public sector productivity practical, we connect the different perspectives from which the public sector can approach productivity. In the report we reveal:

  • why productivity growth in the public sector is so important
  • the key levers the public sector can use to achieve their goals
  • recommendations on how to practically manage and improve productivity
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Case studies

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Primary Care Support England

We support every GP practice in England with a broad range of digital, logistical and support services on a national scale, delivered locally.

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Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN)

Find out how we deliver the technology that underpins Scotland’s health and social care system with a 98% satisfaction level from public sector respondents.

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How we help

Our digitally-enabled business process services

Workplace management & intelligent communications

We’re helping the NHS create connected experiences across patients, organisations and suppliers, whilst managing and digitising high volumes of unstructured sensitive information. In addition to enabling collaborative working, we help to optimise resource utilisation, cost management and planning.

We apply our expertise and technology to engage whole populations across multiple integrated channels, with communications adjusting intelligently in line with patient responses. And we link social media insights to enable healthcare communications to be even more responsive to need and sentiment.

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Administrative functions

We're one of the UK’s largest providers of strategic and tactical administrative functions, delivering critical services to the NHS nationally, regionally and locally. These include transactional, patient- and clinician-facing services, as well as the design and delivery of innovative, flexible procurement solutions to help clients manage and improve their supply chain.

We’re experienced in converging functions across multiple organisations, reducing cost and fragmentation whilst improving service experience and satisfaction.

Automation and artificial intelligence

Automation and artificial intelligence are having a huge impact on how we live our lives and how services are delivered. Alongside our deep knowledge of service automation and inclusive experience design, we understand the importance of avoiding digital divides to protect often-vulnerable communities from suffering marginalisation. 

To ensure artificial intelligence doesn’t present risk to patients, our strong, independent clinical governance system enables us to apply technology advances firmly within the context of patient safety and risk avoidance.

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How we help

Our data and analytics services

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