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With improvement front of mind for all healthcare organisations, understanding how you’re performing is key to informed decision-making.

Whether you’re a clinical commissioning group (CCG), a trust or division, or looking to understand performance in a particular specialism or indicator, our healthcare intelligence programmes feature benchmarking tools which show how you compare on quality, safety and efficiency, either in comparison to peer services or to your own gold-standard.

We’ve applied over 25 years of NHS data expertise and knowledge to create our unique cloud-based analytics programmes, iCompare and iCommissioner, used across the UK and globally to provide healthcare organisations with the information they need for effective service planning and driving successful improvement initiatives.

iCompare provides an accurate view of performance, risks and opportunities by combining data from different sources, giving you the evidence you need to drive change and help build a culture of transparency and openness. iCommissioner helps CCGs to understand performance and the level of commissioned activity compared to what local populations expect to see.

We work with the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) to promote day surgery and our programmes include this data as a benchmarked element of performance management. Our intelligence programme is further complemented by tools such as our data analysis toolkit, mortality profiling, the monitoring of specific conditions, emergency care admissions and more.

Constantly improving quality of care

The solution
What is it A cloud-based performance monitoring and benchmarking system.  A cloud-based analytics and reporting service that uses nationally derived data, allowing clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to externally compare and track performance over time.
How it helps iCompare puts actionable benchmarking insight at your fingertips by combining data from different sources and allowing you to create your own indicators and scorecards. It quickly cuts through reams of data to identify new trends and variations in performance, enabling you to react immediately and undertake investigations easily. Enabling CCGs to understand the amount of activity commissioned for their local populations, showing whether CCG funding is appropriate and whether it is being spent in the right places.
Features include:
  • Analysing and identifying areas of variation where data may be impacting on clinical metrics such as mortality and re-admissions. 
  • Quickly generates supporting evidence for important management meetings and regulatory submissions. 
  • Comparing performance against your own gold-standard, or against other organisations or consultants of your choice.
  • Monitoring performance by key indicators, division, specialty and seeing your position within a carefully selected peer group.
  • Analyse unlimited data and indicators together in one place, with the ability to add new datasets very quickly.
  • Presents results in a shape analysis, time series, bar chart, heat map and table formats as well as patient-level data.

Monitoring patient flows in the local health system to identify inappropriate pathways and assess their financial impact. 

Evaluating the appropriateness of the investment in the range of services being commissioned - based on programme budget categories, treatment function or condition benchmarked with external peers.

Tracking GP referral patterns and costs to ensure they align with local plans.

Who's it for Managers looking for robust, timely information that will help them improve services and ensure capacity always meets demand. 
CEOs, medical directors, directors of nursing, directors of finance, operations, chief information officers, and their informatics team.
CCG executive teams, commissioning or contract managers, planning and performance managers
as well as locality teams and GP practices.
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Key features


Data analysis toolkit

Our data analysis toolkit enables customers – whether information specialists, managers or clinicians - to interrogate data themselves. With total flexibility in comparative analysis and reporting, you can automate regular reports and run bespoke queries against your entire database to support strategic and operational decision-making.


Mortality profiling

Our mortality profiling programme is unique in allowing you to understand variances across SHMI, RAMI and HMSR. It takes the most accurate and robust view available of mortality so you’ll quickly understand your ‘true’ mortality position at any time and can investigate highlighted areas of concern to improve safety and care quality.


A&E care and emergency admissions

Our A&E care and emergency admissions intelligence programme helps acute trusts’ emergency departments to better understand demand from patient flow and treatment pathways, to support them in optimising processes and planning resources.


Condition profiling

This programme is designed to help healthcare providers and commissioners monitor specific conditions by examining key core indicators such as length of stay, mortality and readmissions.


Market intelligence programme

Helping healthcare providers to monitor, analyse and understand commissioning activity in both the local and wider markets, this programme will support you to develop your services, manage risks and engage more effectively with your commissioners.


Expert help from your dedicated consultant

Our team of NHS-experienced consultants will help you analyse and interpret your data to help you present the most accurate analysis to stakeholders and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

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